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Custom Table Tops Video

Order PRL’s custom glass table tops and create exquisite desk or dining surfaces for your clients! Fabricated in our facility, we can render essentially any size, shape or design. Available in a sweeping selection of glass types, this product line accents interiors beautifully.

Produced with annealed, heavy tempered or laminated glass, we offer a wide range of spandrel, textured and intricately sandblasted graphics. Furnished in 1/4″ – 3/4″ thicknesses, these glass types are perfect for kitchen or coffee tables, bar tops and more.

Custom Table Tops

At PRL, our glass table tops are only limited by your imagination! Generating endless customizations, you can treat your customer’s work surface like the unlimited canvas it is. Whether your specifications require standard or complex geometric shapes, specialized edges, custom overlays or inserts, we can do it all. We even craft oversized conference tables and glass bases!

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