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Glass Wine Cellars Video

At PRL, we render boundless customizations for businesses and homes. Choose glass or aluminum enclosed wine cellars and bring your client’s visions to life. Whether your storage calls for specialized doors, sliders, pull handles or glass types, we can meet your needs. Fabricated in-house with heavy tempered glass panels, discreet hardware and frameless all-glass doors, this product displays vintages with complete transparency. While redwood and mahogany are beautiful, nothing shows off a prized collection like our custom glass wine cellars.

Be the envy of all with our glass enclosed wine cellars. Offered in a select array of all-glass doors, hardware and pull handles, we can outfit the finest hotels, restaurants and wineries. Available in 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ thicknesses. We offer standard and custom glass door styles. Our hardware includes everything from door rails and Euro patch fittings to overhead closers and corner patch rail combinations. When the space is limited use or Max Slider or our Full Framed sliding system that will add elegance and maintained complete transparency. Furnished in a variety of finishes such as stainless steel, aluminum anodized and brass. Pulls are also offered, C-pull handles, offset, ladder and locking ladder pulls adorn wine cellars elegantly.

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars. Get Infinite Customizations At PRL!

For the best selection of complete custom glass and metal wine cellars, look no further than PRL. Great for converting small pantries into reach-in wine closets or creating walk-in tasting rooms, our experts can produce endless configurations and designs. We can craft glass enclosures with single, double and oversized doors and glass panels for wine racking with precise notches and hole diameters. These wine cellars deliver top-notch distinction.

Protect those rare harvests from spoiling and showcase favorite bottles with class. Order with us. We render glass enclosed wine cellars with infinite customizations. Need an MBE supplier for your next proposal? Bid with PRL! Certified since 2017, we can help you win the contract. 

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