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Custom Glass Countertops Video. Design Spectacular Surfaces with Us!

Don’t miss out! Bid custom glass countertops at PRL of the West Coast. We can help you design sensational work surfaces for interiors and exteriors. Produced mostly in heavy glass thicknesses, our countertops provide strength and durability for numerous commercial and residential projects. We custom fabricate these surfaces to your exact requirements. So whether you choose annealed, tempered or laminated glass, we can render a huge array of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. And offering endless customizations, colors, and sandblasted graphics, you can create custom glass countertops that are truly your own.

We manufacture all custom glass countertops in our facility. Using our robot polishers and computerized cutting tables, we can generate a vast assortment of standard and custom shapes, corners and hand crafted edges. Made-to-order per your specifications, these glass surfaces bring beautiful function to diverse spaces. Kitchens, baths, computer or display areas, our craftsmanship won’t disappoint. We furnish countertops in round, rectangular and square shapes as well as triangular, waved and compound geometric shapes. For corners you can request everything from square, concave and clipped to a mixture of angles and radiuses. And our edging can’t be outdone. Not only do we fashion single and double bevels for these glass surfaces, but we also produce Rope, Ogee and more!

Custom Glass Countertops. Get Specialized Fabrications & Surface Options!

We can render virtually any custom fabrication for your glass countertops. Need an overlay, original pattern cut or decorative insert? How about intricate notching or hole diameters? Our glass department can do it all. We can create just about anything your surfaces may call for. Custom glass fabrication is what separates us from the rest. We can even construct elevated glass countertops supported by stand-offs. Popular, and innovative in design, these glass surfaces are perfect for reception areas. Built per your plans, countertop size, hole diameters and height of surface are all determined by you. And we even extrude the stand-offs ourselves to your precise diameters and lengths.

Our custom glass countertops are available in several glass options. Manufactured in sizes from 110” to 190” and thicknesses from ¼” to ¾”, these surfaces are of the finest quality. In addition to clear glass, we carry 12 laminated shades in blues, grays, yellows and reds, and 16 spandrel hues in whites, blacks, greens and neutrals. Our team can also supply unlimited custom glass colors. If your countertop calls for more detail, check out our textured and sandblasted collections. We deliver over 12 popular textures and limitless custom sandblasted and glue chipped images. With patterns such as Delta Clear, Rain and Bamboo, and infinite borders, themes and logos, these custom glass countertops are sure to please.

Custom Glass Countertops. See What You Can Order!

Glass Countertop Shapes:

  • Round, elliptical & ovals
  • Rectangular, square & blunt ends
  • Triangular, half-moon & scalloped
  • Waved, boat shapes & custom


Standard & Custom Edging:

  • Flat & pencil polished, beveled, 45° mitered
  • Ogee, Rope, Bull Nose, Waterfall, Gemstone
  • Chipped & Polished, Chipped & Frost, Ocean Surf
  • Ocean Surf w/Waves, Double Chip Fancy, custom


Available Glass Options:

  • Infinite custom sandblasted images, themes & slogans
  • 5 standard & custom glue chipped borders & accents
  • Over 12 popular textures!: Bubble, Water Flemish & more!
  • Over 12 laminated & 14 spandrel colors!: Blues, reds, greens & more!

Available Countertop Corners:

  • Square, 45° clipped & dubbed
  • Concave & silver dollar
  • Multiple angles & radiuses
  • Custom per your specs


Countertop Specifications:

  • Glass Types: Annealed, tempered & laminated
  • Available Glass Thicknesses: ¼” – ¾”
  • Available Glass Sizes: Up to 110” – 190”
  • And heavy glass countertops!


Glass Countertop Applications:

  • Standard & oversized kitchen & bath surfaces
  • Bar tops & fire pit surrounds
  • Display areas, computer stations & office desks
  • Indoor & outdoor kitchen & dining surfaces

Custom Glass Countertops. Innovate Your Surfaces with Us!

Buy PRL’s custom glass countertops and create the surfaces of your dreams. We’re the place where innovation meets customization. See how!

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