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Textured & Patterned Shower Glass
Accent Your Shower Systems in Style

Accent your framed or frameless shower systems in style! Explore textured and patterned shower glass at PRL of Los Angeles County. Rendered in multiple thicknesses and sizes, this shower glass collection will fit all our swing and sliding shower door units. Available in over 6 eye-catching designs, our textured and patterned shower glass has something to suit your clients tastes. So, do business with us today! See why we’re the shower enclosure supplier contractors turn to first. Great for bathroom décor and privacy, our textured and patterned shower glass has a lot to offer.
Krystal Klear Glass Patterns

Beautiful Textures & Brilliant Patterns

We fabricate nearly all textured shower glass in our facility. Furnished in 4 popular industry standard textures, these glass panels look beautiful in standard and custom shower door systems. Our textured shower glass can be used in 3/8” and ½” swing door shower units and 3/8” shower slider enclosures. Generated in a variety of thicknesses, you can quote textured shower glass in Rain, Acid Etch/Matte, sandblasted and glue chipped panels for your shower systems.

Get the ultimate in clarity with Krystal Klear™ Ultra Clear shower glass patterns. Stocked in ¼” thicknesses, these panels bring remarkable brilliance to framed or frameless shower door units. Krystal Klear™ patterns are made with low iron shower glass to create varying degrees of privacy and diffusion. Also producing a virtually colorless appearance, these patterned shower glass panels separate space while sharing light. Available patterns include Flutex, Pebble, Delta Clear and Delta Frost.

We supply a wide range of textured and patterned shower glass sizes for swing and sliding shower door enclosures. Also attractive in steam units, splash panels and shower partitions, these decorative glass panels look fabulous in commercial and residential baths. For 3/8” thick shower systems, you can specify textured and patterned shower glass in sizes up to 84” H x 30” W; and for ½” thick shower enclosures, you can bid panel sizes up to 120” H x 36” W. Framed or frameless shower system, or a custom steam unit, our textured and patterned shower glass will meet your project needs.

Textured & Patterned Shower Glass Types: Designs, Panel Sizes & Applications

Textured Shower Glass Types:

  • Rain & Sandblasted
  • Glue chip & Acid Etch/Matte


Krystal Klear™ Ultra Clear Low-Iron Shower Glass Patterns:

  • Flutex & Pebble
  • Delta Clear & Delta Frost

Max Shower Panel Sizes:

  • 3/8” Thick Shower Units: 84” H x 30” W
  • ½” Thick Shower Units: 120” H x 36” W


Applicable Shower Products:

  • Swing & sliding shower door systems
  • Steam units, splash panels & shower partitions

Textured & Patterned Shower Glass. Accent Your Shower Systems in Style!

Order PRL’s textured and patterned shower glass! We’ll make your shower and bath the envy of all.


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