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Panic System Hardware

Purchase panic system hardware at PRL of City of Industry, CA. When you do business with us, you can order a vast assortment of dry and wet set door rails as well as sidelite rails for emergency egresses. And we also supply an entire line of TVS patch fittings for all-glass panic doors. All manufactured in our facility, you’re assured the premium quality products you’ve come to expect from us. We produce panic system hardware in multiple sizes, lengths and finishes. Sold in standard and custom options, these components are sure to meet your fire exit door needs.
Dry Set Door Rails

Dryset Door Rails

PRL’s dryset door rails afford specifiers and architects flexible panic system designs. Offered in standard and custom sizes, our dryset door rails are available in tapered and squared profiles in an assortment of anodized, brass and stainless steel finishes.

Available in standard and custom sizes, our standard door rails are constructed with precision fabricated aluminum supports and door hardware attachments at the base. Designed to capture ½”, 5/8″, and ¾” glass thicknesses and ranging in height from 4 ¼” to 10 1/8″, we extrude our own dryset door rails with premium quality aluminum.

To make installation quick, safe and simple, our dryset door rails are engineered with a precision bolt assembly system to allow panic door adjustments without removal. To accommodate several emergency egress configurations, our dryset door rails are engineered to accommodate many types of hardware.

Dryset Door Rail Features & Finishes

Dryset Door Rail Features:

  • Pressure fit bolt system
  • Panic door adjustments without removing doors!
  • Matching sidelite rails available
  • Offered with or without bottom rail locks

Dryset Door Rail Finishes:

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Clear & bronze anodized
  • Mill finish

Wet Set Door Rails

Yes, we have wet set door rails for our panic systems! At PRL, we’re one of the few glass and aluminum manufacturers that still offer this traditional, time-tested system for door rail assemblies. Specifiers, architects and installers can still create the perfect one-piece bond these wet set door rails are known for to install crisp, clean fire evacuation systems.

One-piece rails extruded in-house from the finest aluminum, our wet set door rails are mounted to the glass through a wet glazing method using high-strength controlled compression cement. Standard door rails are available for ½”, 5/8″ and ¾” tempered glass thicknesses and are constructed with precision fabricated aluminum supports and door hardware attachments at the base.

Available in tapered and squared profiles in various anodized, brass and stainless steel finishes, we offer wet set door rails with mechanically fastened or traditionally welded end caps. Because of their uniform appearance, our traditionally welded endcaps are a popular seller for panic systems.

Wet Set Door Rail Features & Finishes:

Wet Set Door Rail Features:

  • Wet cemented setting ensures one-piece bond
  • Available with or without bottom rail locks
  • Sold in tapered & square profiles
  • Matching sidelite rails available

Wet Set Door Rail Finishes

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Clear & bronze anodized
  • Mill finish

Rapid Dryset Sidelite Rails

Our rapid dryset sidelite rails make fire exit installation fast and easy without any messy cement. Using EPDM compression vinyl and a dry glazing method, glass is set into rails for a perfect fit without wet glazing.

Constructed with precision fabricated aluminum supports and door hardware attachments at the base, standard rapid dryset sidelite rails range in height from 4 ¼” to 10″ and capture ½” to ¾” tempered and laminated glass thicknesses. All extruded in-house, we can accommodate any sidelite rail length and height as well as custom sizing and stacking modifications for your panic systems.

PRL’s rapid dryset sidelite rails provide design and installation flexibility. To enable specifiers and architects to build emergency egresses with continuous horizontal rails on top or bottom, our setting tracks secure sidelite to the structure and align with adjacent door rails. Available in a collection of anodized, brass and stainless steel finishes, our rapid dryset sidelite rails are also offered in stylish tapered and squared profiles to accent panic systems.

Rapid Dryset Sidelite Rails Features & Finishes

Sidelite Rail Features:

  • Tapered & square profiles
  • Setting tracks align with adjacent door rails
  • Assorted endcaps offered
  • Equipped with DS vinyl inserts

Sidelite Rail Finishes:

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Clear & bronze anodized
  • Mill finish
Dryset Sidelite Rails
Glass Patch Fitting Hardware

Total Vision System Glass Door Patch Fittings

PRL’s Total Vision System (TVS) glass door patch fittings are small but strong European style hardware designed for all-glass door panic systems. Designed as slender, metal supports extruded from stainless steel or brass clad aluminum, our TVS glass door patch fittings secure all-glass emergency egresses with pristine transparency.

Our Total Vision System is a combination of heavy tempered glass used in conjunction with TVS glass door patch fittings. The glass serves as the structural element and European style door hardware pivots all-glass panic doors and holds adjacent panels in place. This affords specifiers and architects to incorporate expansive all-glass evacuation system views.

Fabricating our own standard and custom floating headers in-house, we also provide standard patch fittings and locks for fire exits. We can accommodate unlimited all-glass panic system configurations. You can get multiple modular Euro fittings in addition to customized European style fittings for oversized glass panic doors and special configurations.

TVS Patch Fittings & Finishes:

Total Vision System Patch Fittings:

  • L-Angle fin head brackets
  • Transom door stops & wall brackets
  • Sidelite/transom fin & pivot brackets
  • Sidelite/sidelite brackets with fins
  • 90° sidelite/transom pivot brackets
  • 180° sidelite/sidelite brackets
  • 90° glass-to-glass connector patch fittings

Total Vision System Finishes:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Polished stainless steel
  • Satin brass
  • Polished brass
  • Clear anodized
  • Bronze anodized
  • Kynar paints

Get Panic System Hardware At PRL! We’ve Got It All!

Buy panic system hardware with us! Supplying a huge collection of door rails, sidelites and patch fittings, we have what your fire exit needs.



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