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Storefront Aluminum Doors

Deal direct with PRL of California. We offer a huge selection of storefront aluminum doors for commercial and residential applications. As a genuine single-source supplier, we can outfit these doors to meet essentially any glass and aluminum storefront specification. Carrying a vast assortment of glazing systems, hardware, handles and glass types, we extend an array of components to create stunning storefront aluminum door entrances.
Aluminum Storefront Doors

Storefront Aluminum Doors

Furnished in an impressive collection of standard and custom cladded finishes, our storefront aluminum doors bring style to exterior and interior passageways. Available in narrow, medium, wide and oversized stiles, these aluminum doors are ideal for a number of framing systems. Manufactured in-house, they can be designed to meet emergency egress requirements, Title 24 compliance, and handicap access regulations.

We also offer complete storefront packages and produce custom aluminum doors in endless decorative designs. That’s right. At PRL, we provide everything you need for an entire glass and aluminum storefront, render limitless customizations and transform entries into panic systems. What more could you ask for?

Our aluminum doors are assembled with standard 10″ bottom rails to satisfy ADA regulations. Suitable for numerous opening sizes and heights, door pairs are furnished with standard or adjustable vertical stiles to accommodate difficult or out of square openings. These aluminum doors are supplied in single acting offset pivot, butt hinge and center pivot operations. Equipped with single weather stripping, all ingress doors are available with optional ½” or 1″ glass stops.

It all adds up to better with PRL’s storefront aluminum doors. They deliver premium quality for corporate and home front access ways. Sporting heavy duty extrusions, welded corners and 4-point mechanical fasteners, our aluminum doors will stand up to the heaviest of demands. Constructed from durable 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, we build a wide range of aluminum door stiles, custom designs and complete storefront packages that will stand the test of time.

Storefront Aluminum Door Stiles

Shop PRL’s selection of aluminum door stiles. Our narrow, medium, wide and oversized doors have a lot to offer. Available in a large assortment of standard and custom top and bottom rail sizes, these stiles can meet several job conditions. Accepting a variety of standard, heavy duty and panic hardware, our aluminum doors are perfect for interior and exterior glass and aluminum storefronts.

Standard Aluminum Door Stiles: Features, Specifications & Finishes

Narrow Stile Aluminum Doors:

  • Features:
  • Narrow stiles provide slender sight lines & generous visibility
  • Industry standard style & performance for entrance doors
  • Accepts most standard storefront hardware
  • Available top & bottom rails: 2″, 3 ¼”, 5 1/8″ & 10″
  • Specifications:
  • Vertical stile & rail size: 2″
  • Maximum door width: 3′, 6″
  • Maximum door height: 8′

    Medium Stile Aluminum Doors:

    • Features:
    • Top performer designed for industrial framing systems
    • Ideal for hotels, offices, restaurants & more
    • Accepts standard and custom storefront hardware
    • Available top & bottom rails: 3 ¼”, 5 1/8″ & 10″
    • Specifications:
    • Vertical stile & rail size: 3 ½”
    • Maximum door width: 4′
    • Maximum door height: 9′

    Wide Stile Aluminum Doors:

    • Features:
    • For heavy commercial use & high traffic passageways
    • Accommodates panic door systems!
    • Accepts standard, heavy duty & high security storefront hardware
    • Available top & bottom rails: 5 1/8″ & 10″
    • Specifications:
    • Vertical stile & rail size: 5″
    • Maximum door width: 4′
    • Maximum door height: 9′

    Oversized Aluminum Doors:

    • Features:
    • Reinforced framing to ensure strength & durability
    • Limitless array of door opening sizes & heights!
    • Accepts standard & heavy duty storefront hardware
    • Available top & bottom rails: For your ingress designs
    • Specifications:
    • Vertical stile & rail size: To your framing conditions
    • Maximum door width: For your storefront designs
    • Maximum door height: To your specifications

    Standard Aluminum Door Finishes:

    • Clear & dark bronze anodized
    • Powder coats & Kynar paints

    Custom Cladded Aluminum Door Finishes:

    • Stainless steel
    • Brass

    Storefront Packages & Custom Aluminum Doors

    Architects and contractors! For the ultimate in convenience and awe-inspiring entrances, don’t pass up PRL of Los Angeles County. We manufacture complete storefront packages and custom aluminum doors for commercial and residential applications. As your one-stop-shop for everything storefront, we’ve got what you need. Whether your project requires an entire storefront system or beautifully detailed custom aluminum doors, you can quote them with us.

    Our complete storefront packages make specifying and installing front passageways easy. When you order with us, your framing systems arrive pre-glazed and ready to install with all components and materials included. All you have to do is pick your components. Our complete storefront packages come with your choice of center or offset glazed series, aluminum door stile, accompanying sidelites, all specified hardware, and your preferred door handles and glass type.

    Do your plans call for an intricate door design or challenging storefront layout? With the ability to render limitless custom aluminum doors, we can meet virtually any requirement. You can bid custom storefront doors with vertical or horizontal muntins and grids, color laminated glass panels, precision etched sandblasted images, custom shaped handles with mixed finishes, and even oversized doors with laser-cut aluminum infill panels.

    Custom Aluminum Storefront Doors

    Packages & Custom Doors: Features, What’s Included & Designs

    Complete Storefront Packages:

    • Features:
    • Includes all products & materials for an entire entry system
    • Ship pre-glazed & ready to install!
    • Simple, quick ordering & assembly

    Complete Storefront Packages Include:

    • Glazing system: Center or offset
    • Aluminum door stile: Narrow, medium, wide or oversize
    • All related storefront hardware & sidelites
    • Storefront handles & glass type of your choice

    Custom Aluminum Doors:

    • Features:
    • Infinite custom aluminum door designs
    • Traditional & challenging storefront layouts
    • Built to your specifications
    • Virtually any custom aluminum extrusions & brake metal
    • All custom aluminum extrusions produced in-house
    • All brake metal custom rendered in our facility
    • Expansive in-house custom glass fabrication capabilities!
    • Unlimited adaptability for front ingresses
    • Ideal for corporate & home applications
    • Strong & durable for everyday use

    Custom Aluminum Door Designs:

    • Access ways with custom vertical grids
    • Aluminum doors with colored laminated glass inlays
    • Custom laser cut aluminum infill panels
    • Monumental entries with wide horizontal muntins
    • Single or double doors with fixed side panels
    • Unique & oversized handles in solid & mixed finishes
    • Aluminum doors with curved framing & transoms
    • Entrances with privacy glass panels
    • Single or double doors with full-length pull handles
    • Custom sized thresholds with panic devices
    • And more! If you can envision it, we can manufacture it!

    Custom Aluminum Doors: Glass Fabrication Capabilities

    Glass Fabrication Capabilities:

    • Oversized glass panels
    • Pattern cut-outs & curved shapes
    • Intricate notching
    • Expert specialty edgework
    • Hole fabrication
    • Mitered & polished corners & edges

      Custom Aluminum Door Glass Options:

      • Sandblasted glass renderings: Illustrations, logos & motifs
      • Textures & patterns: Huge selection of popular designs
      • Glue chip embellishments: Custom borders & patterns
      • Custom laminated glass inlays: Patterns, shapes & colors
      • Custom colored glass: Any color of the rainbow
      • Laminated Switch-It Privacy Glass

      Custom Aluminum Doors: Extrusions & Brake Metal Capabilities

      Aluminum Extrusion Capabilities:

      • Heavy weight shapes up to 10 lbs. per ft.
      • Precision cut hallow shapes
      • Cladded column covers & fascias
      • Diverse range of custom angles & circle shapes
      • Custom cornices, corners, connectors & more
      • Metal Finishings:
      • Satin brushed
      • Directional
      • Mirror polishing

      Custom Aluminum Door Components:

      • Vertical stiles in virtually any length
      • Custom length top & bottom rails
      • Vast hardware extruded to your specifications
      • Essentially any size or shaped handle in solid & mixed finishes
      • Custom entrance door headers
      • Door jambs & T-holds made-to-order
      • Muntins & Grids:
      • Horizontal: Square, rectangle & octagon shapes
      • Vertical: Octagon, rectangle & square shapes

      Storefront Aluminum Doors. Standard, Custom & Complete Packages!

      Buy PRL’s storefront aluminum doors! Standard, custom or complete packages, they’re sure to meet your needs.


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