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Storefront Glass Types

Need storefront glass types that bring increased performance or stylish accents to front entries? Do business with PRL Glass & Aluminum. We furnish a sweeping selection of the finest glass products for framing systems. Beautiful indoors or out, our craftsmanship graces glass and aluminum storefronts with excellence. Available in a huge assortment of thicknesses and sizes, our storefront glass types meet numerous specifications. So, deal direct with us today! Standard or custom, we’ll meet your glass and aluminum storefront needs.
Storefront Glass Types

Storefront Glass Types

Experience the benefits of our storefront glass types. Whether your passageway calls for increased security, sound control or reduced energy costs, we can accommodate your needs. Our collections of architectural, high performance and laminated safety glass are top-notch. Job site plans stipulate custom colors, sandblasted designs or textures? Affording unlimited hues, images, patterns and themes, our assortment of colored and decorative glass types will fit the bill.

At PRL, we take pride in delivering premium quality commercial and residential entrance materials. That’s why we fabricate virtually all storefront glass types in-house. Equipped with four tempering ovens, two robot IG lines and a state-of-the-art lamination line, we produce everything from expertly crafted oversized glass panels to insulated units with arched or patterned shaped spacers and grids. Intended for a wide range of access doors and glazing systems, our glass types are offered in ¼” to 1″ glass thicknesses.

See how easily you can meet your glass and aluminum storefront designs. Assign your project to us. Rendering a huge inventory of functional and aesthetic glass product lines, we can satisfy a host of specifications. Choose our storefront glass types. Not only do we make your client’s framing system look good, but we make you look good too.

Architectural Glass Types

Perfect for exterior and interior thresholds, our group of architectural glass types has a lot to offer. Available in a mixture of colors and brands you trust, this medley of clear, low iron and mirrored glass is the right choice. Supplied in annealed and tempered options, our storefront glass types yield high light transmittance and superior clarity for ingresses.


  • Outstanding clarity
  • High light transmittance
  • Practically colorless appearance
  • Variety of colors
  • Glass Options:
  • Annealed glass
  • Tempered glass

Architectural Glass Types:

  • Clear: Standard & oversized glass panels
  • Low Iron Brands:
  • Starphire®
  • Diamante® & Optiwhite™
  • Mirrored Colors (Annealed Only):
  • Bronze & gray
  • Acid etched blue

High Performance Glass Types

For the best selection of high performance glass types, buy at PRL of California. We furnish everything from IG units and low E glass to reflective, tinted and tinted uncoated options. Stocking a large quantity of well-known manufacturer’s hard and soft coats, these storefront glass types increase energy efficiency for institutions and homes. Delivered in a vast array of sizes and colors, our solar control products accommodate several glass and aluminum storefront specifications.


  • Increases energy efficiency & U-values
  • Improves solar heat gain coefficients.
  • Provides excellent thermal performance
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Huge assortment of glass colors
  • Glass Options:
  • Corner offset IG units manufactured to your specs
  • IG unit breather tubes & argon gas filled options
  • IG unit spacers: Numerous arched & patterned shapes
  • IG unit grids: Wide range of patterned & arched designs
  • Spacers & Grid Colors:
  • Clear, bronze & white

High Performance Glass Types:

  • Insulated Units:
  • Maximum sizes: 98″ X 137
  • Minimum sizes: 6″ x 6″
  • Low E Brands:
  • Sungate® hard coats
  • Guardian SunGuard® soft coats
  • Reflective Colors:
  • Blues, greens, bronzes & more!
  • Over 10 industry standard shades
  • Tinted & Tinted Uncoated Colors:
  • Greens & blues
  • Bronzes & greys

Laminated Safety Glass Types

Meet those building code requirements with our laminated safety glass types. Carrying a large inventory of top quality interlayers, we manufacture endless make-ups for framing systems. Whether your glass and aluminum storefront requires sound reduction, impact resistance or bullet protection, this glazing collection has it all.

Want some privacy or vibrant color for your interior or exterior entry? We’ve got what you need. In addition to a host of PVB, bullet resistant and Structural SentryGlas® interlayers, we also furnish a wide assortment of Rainbow colored coatings and Switch-It Privacy Glass. Meeting or exceeding ANSI and ASTM standards, our storefront glass types get the job done.


  • Meets building code requirements
  • Conforms to ANSI safety standards
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM standards
  • Offers added strength & security
  • Increases UV protection
  • Improves sound control
  • Vast array of colors
  • Glass Options:
  • Annealed glass
  • Heat strengthened glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Unlimited Laminated Glass Make-Ups:
  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Patterned
  • Mirrored
  • And more!
  • Laminated Safety Glass Types:

    • Maximum sizes: 96″ x 155″
    • Minimum sizes: 12″ x 12″
    • PVB Interlayers:
    • Clear
    • 7% Shinning White
    • 65% Translucent White
    • 81% Sand White
    • Structural SentryGlas® Interlayers:
    • Impact rated & hurricane resistant
    • Stronger & more rigid than traditional PVB interlayers
    • Bullet Resistant Interlayers:
    • UL tested for ammunition levels 1-8!
    • Rainbow Color Interlayers:
    • Over 10 standard colors & infinite custom colors
    • Blues, pinks, reds, yellows & more
    • Switch-It Privacy Glass Interlayers:
    • Go from transparent to opaque with the flip of a switch!

    Colored & Decorative Glass Types

    You wouldn’t want to miss PRL’s line of colored and decorative glass types. We provide an abundance of artistic accents for glass and aluminum storefronts. Offering everything from the subtlest of hues to extravagant glass carvings, we’re the manufacturer installers and architects trust. We transform residential and professional doorways into show-stopping entrances. When you’re bidding your next ingress proposal be sure to specify these storefront glass types.

    Boundless colors, textures, borders and motifs. That’s what you can find in our colored and decorative glass types. Available in a variety of tempered, annealed and acid etched options, we can satisfy a tremendous scope of architectural designs. We supply a rich array of spandrel glass colors, a lavish selection of popular textures and five exclusive glue chipped borders and patterns. Utilizing the finest sandblasting techniques, our master craftsmen render limitless sandblasted glass logos, images and more.


    • Over 14 standard colors & endless custom shades
    • Precise color matching from ICD
    • High durable paints
    • OPACI-COAT 300® water based silicone coatings
    • Textured Glass:
    • Over 15 popular textures & patterns
    • Glue Chip Glass:
    • 5 exclusive PRL borders & patterns
    • All glue chipping made-to-order
    • Sandblasted Glass:
    • Infinite custom graphics, logos & themes
    • Expert etching, frosting, carving & shading
    • Beautiful opaque & three-dimensional effects
    • Glass Options:
    • Tempered glass
    • Annealed glass
    • Acid etched glass: Textured
    • Low iron acid etched glass: Textured

    Colored & Decorative Glass Types:

    • Whites & blacks
    • Greens & blues
    • Reds, purples & more!
    • Textured Patterns:
    • Delta Clear
    • Rain
    • Bamboo Frost
    • Aquatex & more!
    • PRL’s Glue Chip Borders & Patterns:
    • Borders: Classic, Deco, & Rope
    • Patterns: Bamboo & Lilly
    • Sandblasted Designs:
    • Mythical
    • Nature
    • Oceanic
    • Borders
    • Corporate slogans
    • And more!

    Storefront Glass Types. Get Endless Options for Endless Projects at PRL!

    Quote our storefront glass types. Architectural, high performance, safety and decorative, we’ve got it all!


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