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Protective Glass Shields & Plexiglass Barriers

PRL of Southern California offers protective glass shields and plexiglass barriers for essential businesses. Perfect for reception areas, desktops, check-outs and more, this PPE is a must-have for today’s face-to-face interactions.

We deliver 4 safety shield designs to meet the demands for retail, hospitality, health, food service and educational industries. Whether you require lightweight portable protection to move from surface to surface, or stationary counter guards, we’re the place to shop. All manufactured in-house, our glass and plexiglass barriers are rendered in a wide range of standard and custom sizes, glass types and finishes.

protective glass shields

Portable & Stationary Shields for Social Distancing

At PRL, we know protection needs to be in many places. That’s why we produce portable and stationary safety shields. Regardless of your client’s public space, our social distancing dividers can be used in endless settings. Fabricated in glass and plexiglass, we deliver a number of choices.

Portable Barriers

Our portable shields are just that- portable. Free standing, and sold in 4 base designs, these panels sit on top of workstations, cashier stands, or anywhere you need them. Requiring no holes or surface cut-outs, our sneeze guard barriers can be easily repositioned or moved from one area to another. These transparent portable screens are available in glass and plexiglass.

Plexiglass Screens:

  • Arrive pre-cut & easy to assemble
  • Made with & without transaction window cut-outs
  • 2 Sturdy Base Designs: Triangular & rectangular
  • Constructed with lightweight plexiglass

Glass Safety Partitions:

  • Free-standing dividers
  • 2 Metal Base Designs: Clamps & tubular bars like our panic devices
  • Base Finishes: 3 standard & custom Kynar paints
  • Panels fabricated in diverse glass types

Stationary Partitions

Stationary shields are supported with posts or sliding tracks. Mounted to surfaces, walls or overhead, they satisfy multiple conditions. Our flex post barriers are installed on countertops. Creating a protective glass wall, these no-contact partitions accommodate straight and corner configurations.

Sliding Tiffany shields mount inside openings. Just like reception windows at urgent care centers, they utilize track systems, so panels glide open and closed effortlessly. To meet your specifications, sliding tracks can be installed on walls or overhead. Both stationary dividers are made with glass only.

Flex Post Protective Glass Walls:

  • Accommodate straight & corner configurations
  • Supported with durable aluminum posts
  • Supplied Posts: End, center & corner in several heights
  • Post Finishes: 2 anodized
  • Glass guards offered in numerous types

Sliding Tiffany Glass Dividers:

  • Mount inside reception openings
  • Top hung & lateral surface mount options
  • Seamless operation & gliding
  • Track & Hardware Finishes: 3 standard & custom
  • Sliding screens generated in many glass types

Portable Plexiglass Barriers: Lightweight, Contact-Free Protection

Our portable plexiglass shields have a lot to offer. Lightweight, simple to assemble, clean and disinfect, they’re perfect for school contracts and hotel or offices jobs. Easy to transport from surface to surface, our free-standing partitions bring safety to desks, register areas and conference tables.

Easy Assembly & Stand Where You Need Them

PRL’s plexiglass barriers are a cinch to put together and use. Without the need for drilling or mounting, your customers will be contact-free in no time. Each base just slides into its shield’s pre-cut slots, then voila- these clear dividers can be placed wherever they’re needed. And our protective sneeze guards are a snap to sanitize. There’s no hardware to clean around or finishes to worry about. Just smooth, flat, plexiglass surfaces.

Plexiglass Bases & Screens

Our free-standing portable shields are stable and reliable. Equipped with sturdy plexiglass bases, they won’t tip over or wobble. Available in 2 base styles, we generate these barriers in several standard and custom sized panels. Plexiglass screens are rendered in 2 shapes with finished edges and radius corners. Sold with or without transaction window cut-outs, our protective shields meet numerous physical separation guidelines.

Quick & Simple Barrier Assembly:

  • No holes or surface cut-outs required
  • Plexiglass shields arrive pre-cut
  • Base slides into screen’s slots & rests on table tops


  • Safety Partition Features:
  • Crafted with finished edges & radius corners
  • Available with or without transaction window cut-outs
  • Transaction Window Size: 3″ x 12″ & custom

Shield & Base Styles:

  • Divider Shapes: Square & rectangular
  • Base Styles: Triangular & rectangular


  • Plexiglass Panel Sizes & Thicknesses:
  • Widths: Standard 24”, 36” & custom
  • Heights: Standard 24”, 30”, 36” & custom
  • Thicknesses: ¼” & 3/16″

Portable Protective Glass Shields: Stylish PPE for 6 Foot Apart Safety

Find a great selection of portable PPE at PRL of the West Coast. Our protective glass shields / glass barriers help maintain 6 foot protection for employees and customers. Stylish in 2 metal base designs, ranges of finishes and diverse glass types, our free-standing shields bring the best of form and function to essential businesses.

Safety Shield Sizes

We craft glass barriers in many standard sizes. Available in ¼” and 3/8” thicknesses, panels are fabricated with your choice of flat polished or mitered edges. All manufactured in our facility, we also render custom sized glass shields. Made-to-order, these sneeze guard partitions are produced to your specifications.

Glass Screen Options

Our portable dividers are furnished in several glass types. For your projects, you can bid protective barriers with clear tempered glass, volumes of textured patterns and vast laminated colors. Glass shields can also be etched with an array of glue chipped borders, custom sandblasted graphics or company logos.

Sturdy Metal Bases

Free-standing glass barriers are supplied with preaffixed bases. Extruded with premium quality metal, they’re strong and durable. These safety panels stand securely wherever you put them. Without the need for assembly, our shields’ bases provide top-notch stability. Carried in 2 styles in a variety of finishes, these counter guards are attractive in any setting.

Reposition & Transport Easily

Our portable protective glass shields / glass screens are versatile. Requiring no holes or surface-outs, they offer protection in numerous areas. Whether your client needs social distancing for lobby tables or office cubicles, our transparent shields can be placed on any surface, moved, and repositioned easily.

Glass Barrier Features:

  • Free-standing, portable & secure
  • Versatile for many uses
  • No drilling or mounting needed
  • Available with flat polished or mitered edges


Metal Base Styles & Finishes:

  • Base Styles: Clamps & tubular bars like our panic devices
  • Base Finishes: Stainless steel, clear & dark bronze anodized
  • Custom Base Finishes: Multiple Kynar paints
  • Custom brackets available for added stability

Shield Sizes & Thicknesses:

  • Standard Sizes: Wide assortment
  • Custom Sizes: Per your dimensions
  • Thicknesses: ¼” and 3/8”


Safety Panel Glass Types:

  • Clear tempered
  • Laminated colors
  • Textured patterns
  • Glue chipped borders
  • Custom sandblasted accents, logos & more

Stationary Flex Post Glass Barriers: Protective Face-to-Face Sneeze Guards

Our flex post glass shields deliver stationary safety for face-to-face interactions. Ideal for a wide range of proposals, these dividers adapt to straight and corner conditions. Offered in many standard and custom post heights, our barriers can be designed to satisfy customers’ no-contact needs. Great for a host of public areas, these glass wall partitions just add up to better.

Countertop Screens for Reassurance

PRL constructs all flex post barriers in-house. Built with glass panels attached to aluminum posts, our stationary sneeze guards mount to countertops and other flat surfaces. These protective shields are the clear choice for stores, restaurants, hotels and more. Providing reassurance, they’re what businesses require in today’s world. Available in 2 post finishes and large assortments of glass types, our flex post screens will meet your specifications.

Adjustable Aluminum Posts

Just like any good tradesperson needs the right tools for the job, so do contractors and architects. That’s where our flexible glass shields come in. Adaptable in design, these posts accommodate several physical separation lay outs.

We stock 3 styles produced with the finest aluminum. Sold in 4 standard heights, you can order end, center and corner posts that adjust to 3 or 4-way uses. Custom heights can also be generated so glass barriers grant the right amount of coverage.

Glass Divider Choices

Our flex post counter guards are rendered in numerous panel options. With glass fabrication as our specialty, you can purchase stationary shields with flat polished or mitered edges, screen sizes made per your dimensions, and in ¼” or 3/8” thicknesses. Our glass selection can’t be beat. Whether your project calls for something functional or decorative, you can buy these protective barriers in everything from clear tempered glass to laminated colors or with sandblasted slogans.

Flex Post Glass Shield Features:

  • Accept straight & corner configurations
  • Mounted with sturdy aluminum posts
  • Available with flat polished or mitered edges


  • Post Styles, Heights & Finishes:
  • Post Styles: End, center & corner
  • Corner Posts: 90° & 135° for 3 or 4-way uses
  • Post Heights: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″ & custom
  • Post Finishes: Clear & bronze anodized

Panel Sizes & Thicknesses:

  • Sizes: Made-to-order per your plans
  • Thicknesses: ¼” & 3/8″


  • Sneeze Guard Glass Types:
  • Clear tempered
  • Color laminated interlayers
  • Textured designs
  • Glue chipped perimeters
  • Custom sandblasted images & trademarks
sliding glass reception windows

Stationary Tiffany Glass Shields: Fitted, Sliding Panels for Physical Separation

Need sliding PPE for your client’s workplace, pharmacy or spa? PRL’s Tiffany glass barriers are the answer. As your trusted industry leader since 1989, you can be sure of our safety shields.

Stationary in design, and fitting inside openings, Tiffany partitions operate like doctors’ office check-out windows. Our shields glide open and closed for protection. Offered in several glass types and installation options, these sliding barriers meet multiple plans.

Ranges of Preferences

Sliding Tiffany glass shields are available as top-hung and lateral surface mount dividers. Arriving with finger pulls preaffixed, you can bid keyed cylinder locks for security if required. We also supply bottom guide fittings when needed. Sold in standard and custom finishes, our glass screens complement vast interiors.

Reliable Operation & Simple Cleaning

These transparent barriers utilize track systems and 2 small suspension points. Equipped with durable round rollers, our safety panels glide smoothly every time. Tiffany sliding glass shields are a great choice for your customers. Not only do they deliver reliable social distancing, but their round rollers make for easy cleaning and sanitizing.


Tiffany Header Track Advantages

Our stationary sneeze guards grant many installation options. Regardless of where these glass barriers are mounted, the Tiffany’s header track provides loads of benefits.

First, our system’s tracks and channels include reglets. This feature enables sidelites to be wet glazed into sliding screens. Secondly, we manufacture each glass shield made-to-order. This customization allows you to run header tracks a variety of ways.

They can be anchored full width of elevation for even head sightlines, or for less of a metal look, we can use end caps so tracks can be positioned at partition openings and sliding areas only.

And Tiffany glass barriers can also be surface mounted. Extruding all tracks ourselves, you can specify custom header pieces to fasten protective dividers directly to walls.

Glass Wall Selections & Sizes

We render sliding glass shields with single, double and bypass panels. Generated in 3/8″ and ½” glass thicknesses, Tiffany screens are fabricated per your dimensions. Produced in any size, these stationary barriers help keep people 6 ft. apart.

Our safety partitions can be crafted in scopes of glass types. Fitted with clear tempered, laminated colors, or textured glass patterns, they look superb in reception areas. Also sandblasting accents and company branding, sliding Tiffany barriers bring life to lobbies.


Protective Shield Features:

  • Top hung or lateral surface mount sneeze guards
  • Smooth gliding operation
  • Easy to clean & disinfect
  • Equipped with finger pulls
  • Optional keyed cylinder locks & bottom fittings available


Tiffany Header Tracks:

  • Include reglets for wet glazing
  • Track Installation Options:
  • Full width of elevation
  • Inside openings & sliding areas
  • Surface wall mount with custom tracks


Track & Hardware Finishes:

  • Standard Finishes: Brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel & matte black
  • Custom Finishes: Kynar paints

Sliding Panels, Sizes & Thicknesses:

  • Single, double & bypass dividers
  • Sizes: Fabricated to your specifications
  • Thicknesses: 3/8″ & ½”


Barrier Glass Types:

  • Clear tempered
  • Laminated colors
  • Textured motifs
  • Glue chipped outlines
  • Custom sandblasted graphics, slogans & more

Experience the benefits of our protective glass shields and plexiglass barriers. Deal direct with PRL of Los Angeles County. Delivering portable and stationary partitions for a wide range of industries, these safety screens provide the social distancing essential businesses need.

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