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Entry Doors & Services
Over 14 Options & Vast Assistance for Glaziers, Builders, Contractors & More

Doors, doors and more entry doors! When you shop at PRL Glass & Aluminum, you can quote over 14 entry door types and access a wide range of services. Interior or exterior, swing or sliding, we have what your projects require. You can bid everything from all-glass and full framed entry doors, thermally broken or Smart Glass sliders, all-glass moveable wall systems and more. Available as complete packages, and with customizations, we’re your one-stop-shop for commercial and residential accessways. And catering to builders, glazing contractors and furniture manufacturers, we offer a host of consultation services to make your jobs easier. Plus, you’ll receive your entry doors with the fastest lead-times in the industry! What more could you ask for?
Entry Door Services

Entry Doors, Consultation Services & Fastest Lead-Times

We generate all entry doors in our facility. Each designed for specific architectural functions, you can order them with a vast array of hardware, handles and glass types. Our all-glass, full framed and aluminum entry doors are versatile. These ingress systems can be used for many interior or exterior applications. For interior sliding doors, you can buy Alumi-Sliders, Classic full framed, Classic frameless, and Tiffany or Ruby all-glass sliders. Our ClearVision moveable wall systems, Max aluminum sliders and accordion bifold doors are made for exterior accessways. And we even produce exterior entry doors that increase energy efficiency and grant privacy. Our Max sliders and accordion bifold doors can be purchased with thermally broken frames or Switch-It Smart glass panels.

We offer a diverse assortment of entry door services for the glass and aluminum industry. Whether you’re a glazier, installer, glass shop, or a window and door dealer, we can help you from start to finish. Our technical and design consultation services will save you time and effort coordinating entry door concepts, designs, material selection and technical evaluations. Need help specifying the right entry door hardware? Our experts will get you on the right track. How about shop or fabrication drawings? We’ve got your back with our CAD/CAM services.

At PRL, we know how important it is to get your entry door materials when you need them. That’s why we have the fastest lead-times in the industry and offer our Urgency program. Working around the clock to deliver excellent customer service, your swing or sliding passageway doors will arrive in just 1-3 weeks depending on the system*. And if you need your entry doors sooner, using our Urgency program you can get them in as little as 3 working days or the next day! How’s that for fast?

*Please see all lead-times noted below. Restrictions may apply.

Entry Door Services: Consultation, Technical, CAD/CAM & Urgency Program

Consultation & Support Services For:

  • Concepts
  • Drawing details
  • Designs
  • Specifications
  • Material selection


CAD/CAM Services:

  • CNC fabrication & manufacturing
  • CAD design & layout
  • Precise shop, production & fabrication drawings
  • We use our own line of CAD/CAM software
  • Upload your designs directly to our glass cutting line!

Technical & Design Recommendations For:

  • Material selection & installation
  • Swing door clearance
  • Sliding door configurations
  • Hardware & door rail conditions
  • Glass types & thicknesses


Urgency Program:

  • Get your products with the fastest lead-times in the industry!
  • Receive orders in 3 working days or the next day!*
  • Accessible 24/7 through our online ordering system
  • Urgency Program on most of PRL’s quotes & order confirmations
  • *Next day delivery is subject to expedited charges

Entry Door Lead-Times: All-Glass, Aluminum, Swing & Sliding

All-Glass Swing & Sliding Doors:

  • All-glass swing ingress doors: 1 Week
  • Tiffany & Ruby sliders: 1 Week
  • ClearVision moveable wall systems: Call for details
  • Classic frameless sliders: Call for details

Aluminum Framed Swing & Sliding Doors:

  • Full framed cladded swing doors: 2 Weeks
  • Aluminum entrance swing doors: 1 Week
  • Aluminum bifold sliding doors: 3 Weeks
  • Max aluminum sliders: 2 Weeks
*Lead-times are for standard entry door systems. Consult us for details. Restrictions may apply to customizations or other conditions.

Entry Doors & Products

For a huge collection of entry doors and products, deal direct with PRL of the West Coast! As one of the leading glass and metal fabricators in the United States and Canada, you can rely on our quality. When you order with us, you’ll find everything from aluminum framed swing doors and all-glass sliders to an impressive scope of hardware, handles and glass types.

Glass & Aluminum Entry Doors:
At PRL, we manufacture a wide spectrum of glass and aluminum entry doors. You an select from 4 all-glass, 5 full framed and 4 aluminum door stiles. Available in standard, custom and oversizes, these swing door passageways are suitable for multiple applications. Indoors or out, our glass and aluminum entry doors look beautiful in businesses and homes, emergency exit panic systems, all-glass interior mall storefronts and more. And you can get them with tapered or squared door rails with matching sidelites in a host of popular finishes. There’s no doubt about it. Our glass and aluminum entry doors bring stylish options to your plans.

Aluminum Sliders & Bifold Entry Doors:
Our aluminum slider and bifold entry door line includes 2 exterior and 2 interior sliding door systems. Whether you specify Alumi-Sliders, Classic full framed cladded, Max aluminum, or accordion bifold doors, we’re sure to meet your contract needs. Ideal for limited spaces, these sliding entry doors easily glide or tuck away into a neatly side-stacked orientation, pocket enclosure or closet. No more worries about accommodating swing door space! Generated in several finishes, you can find what complements your client’s décor. Just choose from a variety of anodized and cladded finishes or Kynar paints and powder coats.

Thermally Broken & Smart Glass Aluminum Sliders & Bifold Doors:
For the best in privacy and energy efficiency, bid our thermally broken or Smart Glass Max aluminum sliders or accordion bifold doors. With just a flip of a switch, these doorwalls transition from transparent to opaque for instant discretion, and delivering excellent thermal protection, they grant cost savings for many establishments. Made for the indoor/outdoor market, these thermally broken and Smart Glass patio doors create expansive living areas by melding interiors with pool areas, decks, balconies and more. Sold in everything from one-way single pocket to 90° multi-panel configurations, our Max moving doorwalls and bifold sliders easily adapt to the layouts your projects require.

All-Glass Sliding Entry Doors:
We produce all-glass sliding entry doors in 3 interior and 1 exterior system. With their infinite, frameless, transparency, these sliders are the perfect way to showcase merchandise and displays. Just request our ClearVision moveable wall systems, Classic frameless, Tiffany, or Ruby sliding doors. Offering numerous sliding options, these all-glass entry doors are great for retail establishments, restaurants and interior mall storefronts. Glass panels can be slid or stacked off to the side, tucked away into a closet pocket system, or parked perpendicularly to become part of store displays. Furnished as top hung or bottom rolling entry doors, our all-glass sliders operate seamlessly each and every time.

Entry Door Hardware:
Don’t miss out on our entry door hardware! Extruding nearly all components in our facility, we can outfit your ingress systems from top to bottom. If we don’t stock it, we can usually make it to your exact specifications. That’s right. You can quote a diverse range of entry door and sidelite rails, pivots, hinges and closers, thresholds, door locks, 4 panic device styles and more. And we even carry an entire line of Euro patch fitting hardware specifically for our all-glass entry doors.

Entry Door Handles:
Our assortment of entry door handles leaves no stone unturned. Whether your proposal’s an aluminum framed slider or an all-glass swing door, we’ve got a handle for you. You’ll find everything from standard finger pulls, offset and C-pull handles to ladder and locking ladder pulls. Looking for something with a little more originality? We can render custom entry door handles exactly how you want them. Curved, geometric and S-shaped handles can be yours in solid or mixed finishes.

Entry Door Glass Types:
We fabricate a huge volume of entry door glass types in-house. Architectural, high performance, laminated safety, colored or decorative, we generate it all. If you’re shopping for exterior sliding doors, you can order a variety of IG unit combinations, structural SentryGlas® panels, and unlimited spandrel hues. For interior swing doors you can buy standard and oversized glass panels with clear tempered glass, decorative laminated interlayers, glue chipped patterns or custom sandblasted graphics. Regardless of which you choose, our entry door glass types look spectacular in corporations and homes.

Entry Doors & Services. Get Over 14 Options & Vast Assistance at PRL!

Get in on the benefits! Bid our entry doors and take advantage of our consultation services. You’ll be glad you did.

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