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Custom Glass Tabletops – Build Them Your Way with Us

Shop custom glass tabletops at PRL of Southern California. You can build them your way with us. Yep! That’s right. We manufacture virtually any size, shape or design and craft huge arrays of the finest corners, edges and customizations. We even render oversized conference tables and glass bases! Available in a sweeping selection of glass options, our custom tabletops will meet your needs. Commercial or residential, indoors or out, simple or ornate, we can make your dreams come true.

Custom Glass Tabletops

Endless Capabilities. Endless Possibilities

We fabricate all custom glass tabletops in our facility. Made-to-order per your plans, we fashion everything from corporate desks and bar tops to kitchen tables and fire pit surrounds. When you bid with us you can choose annealed, heavy tempered or laminated glass for your surfaces. Generated in a mixture of sizes and heavy glass thicknesses, these tabletops are strong and solid. There’s no doubt about it, our quality and craftsmanship are unmatched.

How can you customize your glass tabletops? The possibilities are endless just like our capabilities. You can get round, rectangular or scalloped shaped tabletops as well as decorative glass overlays and inserts. And you can specify a wide range of standard or custom corners, hand crafted edges and one-of-a-kind accents. Traditional or contemporary, we do it all.

These custom tabletops are produced in multiple glass options. Whether your client is looking for color or detailed visuals, our collection leaves no stone unturned. In addition to clear glass, we stock a vast group of spandrel and laminated shades in blues, greens, blacks, whites and more. Our textured inventory includes over 12 popular patterns, and we also create custom sandblasted or glue chipped images, borders and logos for glass tabletops.

Custom Glass Tabletops: Specs, Shapes, Corners & More

Tabletop Specifications:

  • Glass Types: Annealed, tempered & laminated
  • Available Glass Sizes: Up to 110” – 190”
  • Available Glass Thicknesses: ¼” – ¾”
  • Heavy glass tabletop thicknesses


Custom Tabletop Corners:

  • Radius, dubbed & square
  • 45° clipped & various angles
  • Silver dollar & concave
  • Custom corners upon request


Tabletop Glass Options:

  • Textured: Over 12 popular styles!
  • Sandblasted Designs: Custom graphics, logos & themes
  • Glue Chipped Borders & Accents: 5 standard & made to order
  • Colored: Over 14 spandrel shades & 12 laminated

Glass Tabletop Shapes:

  • Square, rectangular & round
  • Triangular, half-moon & waved
  • Scalloped, elliptical & ovals
  • Boat shapes, blunt ends & custom


Hand Crafted Glass Edges:

  • Beveled, flat & pencil polished, Bull Nose
  • 45° mitered, Ogee, Rope, Gemstone, Waterfall
  • Chipped & Frost, Chipped & Polished, Ocean Surf
  • Ocean Surf w/Waves, Double Chip Fancy, custom


Custom Tabletop Applications:

  • Indoor & outdoor kitchen & dining surfaces
  • Standard & oversized conference tables
  • Office desks, workstations & display areas
  • Fire pit surrounds, coffee tables & bar tops

Custom Glass Tabletops. Order at PRL & Get Your Heart’s Desire!

Create the custom glass tabletop your project calls for at PRL. From design to delivery, we can meet your challenge. Our team manufactures nearly any size, shape or vision. Don’t miss out. Deal direct with us now!

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