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Exterior Panic System Handles

At PRL, we offer an endless selection of exterior panic system handles. Since exterior handles work independently from interior crash bars, and are not required to lock panic doors, specifiers and architects have the freedom to select any exterior handle for emergency egress systems. If the purpose of the door is to be an exit-only door, it can be fabricated without an exterior handle.
Exterior Panic Handles

Exterior Panic Handle Series

Otherwise known as dummy handles, our exterior panic handle series was designed to match our interior push pads. Constructed with the same 1 ¼” diameter tubing as our interior panic devices, our exterior handles provide classy, sleek uniformity for fire exit systems.

Available in an assortment of beautiful finishes in industry standard styles from A to Y, our most popular exterior panic handles are the A, D, F and FS styles.

A Style Exterior Panic Handle:
The A style exterior panic handle is a simple horizontal push bar. Constructed from 1 ¼” diameter tubing, the A style nicely complements our crash bar’s interior horizontal push bar.

D Style Exterior Panic Handle:
The D style exterior panic handle is an exact match to PRL’s interior push pads. A mirror image, it creates unison and a clean, unhindered, appearance with its 1 ¼” diameter tubing.

F Style Exterior Panic Handle:

The F style exterior panic handle was designed to accommodate larger doors up to 120″ in height. PRL is the only panic hardware manufacturer in the industry to offer tubular evacuation systems for doors up to 120″!

Sporting the same sleek design as our interior panic devices, the F style exterior handle is a 1 ¼” diameter full height tubular bar that runs in line from the top of the door to the bottom, with the interior crash bar’s vertical rod. This design supports the door, increases door strength, adds rigidity and reduces glass deflection*.

Important A.D.A. Note: The F style exterior panic handle is designed to run vertically down the door and latch at the bottom. This design does not comply with A.D.A. regulations unless the handle is held 10″ from the bottom of the door. Specifiers and architects are advised to consult with local and state building codes and regulations prior to ordering.

* When combined with the PL-100 panic device and ¾” tempered glass.

Larger Door Panic Handles

FS Style Exterior Panic Handle:

The FS style exterior panic handle meets handicap access codes and A.D.A regulations. An exact replica of the F style handle, this exterior panic handle is held 10″ from the bottom of the door to accommodate wheel chair access.

Exterior Panic Handle Series: Features & Finishes

Exterior Panic Handle Features:

  • Match our interior crash bars
  • Industry standard styles A-Y
  • 1 ¼” diameter tubing
  • Made from stainless steel

Exterior Panic Handle Finishes:

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Custom Kynar paints
Locking Ladder Pull Handles

Locking Ladder Pull Handles

Constructed with similar tubular designs as our panic devices, PRL brings you our locking ladder pull handles. Now specifiers and architects can outfit emergency egress systems with fashionable security- and lock and unlock fire exit doors at a convenient waist height.

Manufactured from stainless steel, our locking ladder pulls are available in two standard styles. Also crafted in custom tube designs and full or partial heights, you can specify these panic handles with a range of locking options.

Locking Ladder Pulls: Styles & Options

Ladder Pull Handle Styles:

  • Round deadbolt
  • Square deadbolt
  • Custom tube designs
  • Full or partial height deadbolts

    Locking Options:

    • Locations: Head or floor
    • Keyed Cylinders: On exterior of door
    • Thumb Turns: On interior of door
    • Optional Latch Bolts: Controlled entry systems using electric strikes

    Custom Exterior Handles

    Searching for custom exterior handles so your panic systems have that extra wow factor? Specifiers and architects have come to the right place. Extruding all custom exterior handles in-house, PRL can accommodate almost any size, shape, diameter or finish. So, build your evacuation systems so they stand above the rest. Add a custom exterior handle to your panic doors for just the right touch.

    Custom Exterior Panic Handles: Customizations & Finishes

    Exterior Handle Customizations:

    • Geometric, curved, S-shapes & company logos
    • Virtually any diameters
    • Unlimited custom sizes
    • Solid & mixed finishes

    Custom Handle Finishes:

    • Brushed & polished stainless steel
    • Satin & polished brass
    • Oil rubbed bronze
    • Custom Kynar paints
    Custon Exterior Panic Handles

    Exterior Panic System Handles. Make Your Doors Wow With PRL!

    Order exterior panic system handles at PRL Glass & Aluminum! We create fire exit doors your clients deserve.



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