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Sliding Shower Doors
The Best of Form & Function. Framed & Frameless Units

Get sliding shower door units at PRL of Los Angeles County. Our framed and frameless systems combine the best of form and function. Gliding smoothly and quietly with little to no effort, these sliders bring easy operation to tub and shower enclosures. Our sliding shower doors are available in a wide range of finishes, hardware and shower glass types. So, you can fashion these units to satisfy your client’s needs. And packaged as complete kits, our framed and frameless shower sliders are the smart way to create stylish baths. Keep reading to see what we can do for your next shower project.
Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding Shower Doors in 4 Exquisite Enclosure Styles!

We produce all sliding shower door systems in-house. Offering 4 premium quality framed and frameless enclosures, we’re the supplier installers and specifiers trust. You can bid everything from traditional to innovative shower sliders. We manufacture the Tiffany and Ruby- all-glass frameless units with support bars and hanging glass doors; Tiffany dual bypass sliders- shower systems that allow entry from either side; and our Contoured series- a framed sliding shower door enclosure with sleek, curved aluminum headers.

Our shower door sliders are built to last. Suitable for commercial and residential applications, these framed and frameless units are designed for 3/8” shower enclosures. Made specifically for heavy glass loads, our sliding shower doors are constructed with precision engineered stainless steel and aluminum components to withstand these system demands. Additionally, all shower sliders are equipped with water and steam tight seals.

You can order sliding shower door enclosures in standard and custom configurations. Tailored to fit any site concept for straight or corner conditions, our framed and frameless systems will meet your specifications. We render these shower sliders with in-line doors in any opening size. Standard tub heights are 60” and standard shower heights are 72”. Laid out in detail, all sliding shower door units are generated per your dimensions. Please consult us for custom limitations.

Shower Slider Kits, Glass Types & Hardware

Our shower door sliders are sold as complete kits. Shipped ready to install, each unit includes all hardware, towel bar, finger pulls or knobs. All you have to do is select your framed or frameless system, shower glass type and finish. Then, depending on the enclosure, we’ll need to know which support bar length, rollers or mounting brackets your sliding shower doors require. It’s really that easy. Just pick your components and we’ll send you a beautiful framed or frameless unit. Need alternate hardware, towel bars or handles? No worries. You can upgrade your shower sliders!

We fabricate a vast assortment of glass types for sliding shower door systems. Applicable for all framed and frameless enclosures, these shower panels look flattering in all sorts of baths. You can quote clear tempered glass, multiple spandrel colors, and a diverse group of textures and patterns. For shower door sliders you can also purchase glue chipped borders and designs as well as unlimited custom sandblasted graphics, logos and themes.

Want to upgrade your shower door slider hardware? We stock a huge collection for these framed and frameless units. You can choose from 3 series of shower clamps with their own unique profiles, headers and support bars in various lengths, and an impressive array of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. Offered in finishes like bright dip anodized, oil rubbed bronze and matte black, our hardware is ideal for accenting your sliding shower door systems.

Frameless Shower Slider Kit

PRL’s Sliding Shower Doors. Get Yours for Stylish Baths!

Order shower slider enclosures at PRL. Framed or frameless, these units make great first impressions. Buy with us now. Our sliding shower doors bring quality and style to baths.


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