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Shower Door Pull Handles, Knobs & Towel Bars
Multiple Styles for Framed & Frameless Shower Systems

Grab PRL of the City of Industry’s shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. We offer multiple styles for framed and frameless shower systems. Traditional, modern or ornate, our selection will suit your clients’ tastes. You can order standard styles in various sizes, or specify custom shower hardware per your plans. Made with solid brass or brass tubing, you can get these components in brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze and matte black finishes. So, shop with us today! Our shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars bring endless options to home and hotel baths, wellness spas and more.

Shower Pullhandles Knobs Towelbars

Shower Hardware to Accent Commercial & Residential Baths

We furnish an impressive collection of shower door pull handles for swing and sliding shower units. You can quote standard C-pulls, our most popular design- with gently rounded edges; square shower door pull handles- with clean, sharp lines and right angles; our mini ladder pulls- crafted with sleek tubing and a bold look; or our Contemporary handles- featuring intricate detailing for an elegant profile. And we also generate custom shower door pull handles. You can get curved, geometric and S-shaped handles in a host of diameters, sizes and mixed finishes and for your shower enclosures.

Our shower door knobs are a great way to accessorize shower systems and baths. Whether your project’s a steam unit or tub enclosure, we supply a variety of styles that complement décors. You can bid standard shower door knobs- with beveled edges and a classic look; our Beverly knob- with a ribbed stand-off design; or our shower slider door knobs- with smooth, cylindrical profiles and protective plastic sleeves. Our single-sided knobs are ideal for bypass shower doors, and our back-to-back knobs are perfect for one-way shower slider doors.

Need shower door towel bars for a framed or frameless shower system? Sturdy and reliable, our single-sided and towel bar combos won’t disappoint. Rendered with rounded tubular profiles, this shower hardware delivers a traditional style that will stand the test of time. You can select our single-sided towel bar with metal washers in 18” and 24” lengths; or our towel bar combos with decorative metal backup and plastic protective washers to guard against glass-to-glass contact. Also suitable for splash panels and shower partitions, these shower door towel bars just add up to better.

Shower Door Pull Handles, Knobs & Towel Bars: Styles & Finishes

Shower Door Pull Handle Styles:

  • Standard C-pull designs
  • Mini ladder styles
  • Square profiled handles
  • Contemporary style pulls
  • Custom handle designs


Shower Door Towel Bar Styles:

  • Standard single-sided designs
  • Standard towel bar combos

Shower Door Knob Styles:

  • Standard knob profiles
  • Beverly style knobs
  • Single-sided slider designs
  • Back-to-back slider knobs
  • Custom door knob shapes


Shower Hardware Finishes:

  • Brushed nickel & polished chrome
  • Oil rubbed bronze & matte black

Shower Door Pull Handles, Knobs & Towel Bars. Get Multiple Styles at PRL!

Buy our shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars! Traditional, modern or ornate, our collection will suit your tastes.


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