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MirroView™ Glass.

Conceal Over 10 TV Screens & Monitors Flawlessly

Get MirroView™ glass at PRL to conceal over 10 TV screens and monitors flawlessly. Bringing stylish innovation to corporations and homes, this is one product you won’t want to miss. This glass line uses transparent reflective hard coats to turn TV screens into fashionable mirrors. Perfect for a multitude of interior applications, MirroView™ glass hides monitors while not in use, then clearly displays images when turned on. Delivering a wide range of features and benefits, you’ll wonder how you made do without it.

MirroView™ Glass

Beautiful Benefits

Get MirroView™ glass to conceal over 10 TV screens and monitors flawlessly. The advantages will amaze you. Chemically fused with pyrolytic coatings, this reflective glass offers many. Yep, that’s right. At PRL of the West Coast, we supply products that solve problems. These hard coats meet ASTM C 1376 performance standards, so you can rest assured they’ll satisfy your project needs. And MirroView™ glass has a virtually unlimited lifespan with its durable coatings! This brings even more benefits. These reflective surfaces not only protect TV screens, but they’re easier to clean, transport and handle.

We fabricate MirroView™ glass in our facility. Applying these transparent hard coats ourselves we can fulfill several specifications. No wonder we’re the manufacturer architects and designers turn to first. When ordering this reflective glass, edge deletion isn’t required, and it can also be tempered. Want to add a light tint to your TV screens or monitors? We can do that too. Just bid them and we’ll provide tinted MirroView™ glass samples upon your request. Available in 96” x 126” sheet sizes, we render these reflective coatings in ¼” glass thicknesses. Please consult with us as size limitations may apply.

Regardless of your space- commercial or residential, this product blends right in creating an illusion of décor. Beautiful in living rooms, kitchens and baths or restaurants, bars and game rooms, these reflective surfaces grant a touch of class. Also great for smart mirrors, touch screens and digital retail signage, MirroView™ glass yields endless possibilities. Really, it’s all up to your imagination.

MirroView™ Glass. Features, Benefits, Fabrication & More

MirroView™ Glass Features:

  • Tastefully conceals TV & video screens when off
  • Picture displays beautifully when turned on
  • Highly durable pyrolytic material chemically fused to glass
  • Reflective coating meets ASTM C 1376 standards


TV Glass Fabrication:

  • Available Sheet Sizes: 96” x 126”
  • Available Thickness: ¼”
  • Consult us for size limitations
  • Light tints & samples available upon request

Reflective Glass Benefits:

  • Practically unlimited lifespan!
  • Edge deletion not required
  • Can be tempered
  • Cleans, transports & handles easily


MirroView™ Glass Applications:

  • Hotels, lobbies, salons & bedrooms
  • Retail, bars, restaurants & bathrooms
  • Living rooms, kitchens & game rooms
  • Touch screens, digital signage & smart mirrors

These reflective hard coats transform TV screens and monitors into trendsetting mirrors. Get yours today!

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