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Decorative Glass Wall Designs.

Interior Décor in Endless Shapes & Customizations

Purchase decorative glass wall designs at PRL of City of Industry. Rendered in boundless shapes and customizations, our interior décor meets endless specifications. We manufacture this custom glass specialty in our facility. Made-to-order to your exact dimensions, you can select a variety of glass types and attachment options. Commercial or residential, these decorative glass wall designs can serve numerous purposes. Great for promoting your brand or creating ambiance, our ornamental décor looks beautiful in offices, restaurants, living areas and more.

Decorative Glass Wall Designs

Custom Glass Décor Just for You

We generate decorative glass wall designs with infill or sectional panels. Inlaid, self-supporting or mounted to surfaces, these glass specialties are available in linear, curved and diverse geometric shapes. Using our high-tech equipment, we can fabricate virtually any customization. Flat polished or mitered edges, pattern cut-outs, and hole diameters can all be yours. We even craft glass miter joints for areas where our metal supports won’t do. And, operating one of the largest tempering ovens, we can produce oversized, floor-to-ceiling glass wall designs.

We affix decorative glass wall designs to surfaces with various supports or attachments. Ornamental panels can be inlaid flush or recessed into walls, self-supported with dryset rails, or mounted with stand-offs. Offered in tapered and square profiles, our dryset rails can be ordered in 36” and custom lengths. If your glass wall design requires stand-offs, we’ll custom extrude them to your needed lengths and diameters. Both are sold in popular finishes to complement vast décors.

Decorative glass wall designs can be fashioned in multiple sizes, thicknesses and glass types. Assembled with panels up to 110” x 190”, we make them in thicknesses per your plans. Our ornamental glass is truly unlimited. In addition to clear tempered, you can request huge arrays of colors in tinted, reflective, mirrored, laminated and spandrel glass. If your decorative wall design calls for more detail, we’re the place to shop. Our glass team supplies many textures and renders infinite ornate interlayers, sandblasted graphics and glue chipped borders.

Decorative Glass Wall Designs: Construction, Supports, Fabrications & More

Glass Wall Design Construction:

  • Infill or Sectional Panels: Linear, curved & shapes
  • Inlaid: Glass design recessed or set flush into walls
  • Self-Supporting: Glass panels & dryset rails
  • Surface Mounted: Glass designs & stand-offs


Custom Glass Fabrications:

  • Standard & oversized designs
  • Compound shaped glass panels
  • Custom edge work per your plans
  • Glass miter joints in place of metal supports
  • Pattern cut-outs in virtually any size
  • Precise hole diameters
  • Custom ornamental design inserts
  • Decorative glass wall overlays

Decorative Design Supports:

  • Dryset Rail Lengths: 36” & custom
  • Finishes: Stainless steel, brass, anodized & mill
  • Stand-Off Lengths: Custom per your dimensions
  • Finishes: S.S., brass, oil rubbed bronze & painted


Available Glass Types:

  • Clear tempered: Variety of thicknesses & sizes
  • Textured: Several popular patterns
  • Sandblasted & Glue Chipped: Images, borders & logos
  • Ornate Interlayers: Fabrics, wire mesh, veneer & more
  • Mirrored: Clear, bronze, gray & acid etch blue
  • Tinted & Reflective: Blues, greens, bronzes & grays
  • Laminated Colors: Yellows, oranges, reds & more
  • Spandrel: Numerous whites, blacks, blues & browns

Decorative Glass Wall Designs. Bid Interior Décor at PRL!

Manufactured in limitless shapes and customizations, we’ll meet your project needs. Buy with us today! Our interior décor will leave you breathless.

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