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Custom Glass Specialties Video. Unique & Oversized Projects That Impress

Get the finest custom glass specialties by shopping at PRL of the West Coast. With glass fabrication as our area of expertise, we produce the most unique and oversized projects. If you can envision it, we can create it. We generate boundless glass designs for corporations and residences. Whether your proposal calls for a gigantic conference table, ornate splash panel or custom cut mirror, we can do it all. Indoors or out, these custom glass specialties are sure to wow.

Our custom glass specialties are ideal for a multitude of assignments. All made-to-order in our facility, they can be rendered in virtually any size, thickness or glass type. Great for numerous locations, our pieces won’t disappoint. We manufacture oversized glass partitions for offices and restaurants, glass sculptures for homes and hotels, floor-to-ceiling window walls to showcase spectacular views, and more. And we even build glass tabletop bases! From traditional to modern to creatively innovative concepts, our custom glass specialties will meet your specifications.

Custom Glass Specialties. Countless Fabrications & Glass Types

Need originally crafted pieces for your custom glass specialties? You’ve come to the right place. Utilizing our cutting edge technology and vast fabrication capabilities, we can produce limitless glass elements for your projects. We generate everything from complex geometric glass shapes and pattern cut-outs to hole diameters and intricate notching. Did you say glass edges? We render several for custom glass specialties. Our expert craftsmen fashion over 12 hand crafted edges, and our robot polishers manufacture the most exquisite flat polished and mitered edges.

These custom glass specialties can be made in endless glass types. So, regardless of which your client requests- functional, colorful, or decorative- we’ve got what you need. We offer a large assortment of clear tempered and laminated glass as well as low iron, low E, and mirrored. Want to bring some vibrancy to your custom glass specialty? Our reflective, tinted, spandrel and Rainbow collections supply over 40 beautiful shades to choose from. And for detailed glass patterns, we deliver over 12 popular textures, infinite sandblasted images and glue chipped borders. 

Custom Glass Specialties: Projects, Fabrication & Glass Types

Custom Glass Specialty Projects:

  • Oversized conference tables & window walls
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions & privacy walls
  • Column cover & glass infill panels
  • Splash panels & textured backsplashes
  • Backlit & custom cut mirrors to fit light fixtures
  • Compound shaped glass handrail panels
  • Sculptures, tabletop bases & all-glass wine cellar
  • Decorative glass wall designs & beveled mirror wall tile

Available Glass Types:

  • Clear tempered & laminated: Wide array of sizes
  • Low iron & low E: Vast thicknesses
  • Mirrored: Clear, Bronze, Gray & Acid Etch Blue
  • Reflective & tinted uncoated: Over 15 blues, greens, bronzes & grays
  • Spandrel: 16 shades in whites, blacks, greens & more
  • Rainbow colored laminated: 12 hues in grays, yellows, reds & more
  • Textured: Over 12 popular patterns
  • Sandblasted: Infinite custom graphics, logos, patterns & themes
  • Glue Chipped: Borders & patterns

Custom Glass Fabrication:

  • Standard & oversized capabilities
  • Custom edge work & corners
  • Standard & complex geometric glass shapes
  • Miter joints & support elements
  • Custom compound glass shapes
  • Hole diameters & intricate notching
  • Pattern cut-outs & custom inserts
  • And more!

Custom Glass Specialties. If You Can Envision It, We Can Create It!

PRL’s custom glass specialties. Deal direct with us today and see what we can do for you. Our fabrication capabilities are unmatched. Find out how!

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