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Custom Sandblasted Glass Video.

3 Techniques & How Many Designs? Find Out!

Looking for custom sandblasted glass for your next project? Keep reading this page. You’ll discover our 3 techniques, how many designs you can order, and more. At PRL, we perform all surface etching, shading and carving in-house. So, we can render everything from the simplest of patterns to the most detailed graphics. Need to know what panel sizes or kind of images you can get? We address these questions too. Our FAQ’s tell you all about our sandblasted glass capabilities. Just scroll down to learn more.

Custom Sandblasted Glass Images, Logos Patterns and Themes

Custom Sandblasted Glass. 3 Techniques. How Do You Craft Them?

How Do You Make Your Sandblasted Glass Designs? What’s The Process?
We produce all sandblasted glass images in our facility. Using custom illustrations you select, we create a template with hand drawings or computer software. Then, using a variety of sandblasting techniques, our skilled craftsmen etch or carve these designs into heavy tempered glass panels we fabricate in-house.

Which Custom Sandblasting Techniques Do You Offer?
Surface Etching:
As its name implies, surface etching only sandblasts the surface of the glass. So, this process grants a one-dimensional full opaque effect. A single-stage technique, the etching does not go deep into the glass. This is the most basic, and least expensive, option.

Surface Etching & Shading:
A multi-stage process, surface etching and shading generates areas that gradually fade back out to clear glass. One piece at a time, every segment of the graphic is individually removed and sandblasted. This fading technique does not result from solid etching. To form these delicate transitions, sections are lightly etched to create shading.

Carving & Shading:
This technique renders a three-dimensional sculpted effect. With carving and shading, areas are sandblasted longer to produce carved edges within the design. As they pick up and reflect the light, they look whiter and brighter making the image appear like it’s floating within the glass.

Custom Sandblasted Glass. Which Images & Applications?

Can I Choose Many Sandblasted Glass Patterns or Graphics?
Yes, you can specify endless illustrations. Custom glass fabrication is the heart of what we do. Our experts sandblast vast patterns and graphics. Examples include nature, oceanic and mythical themes, decorative motifs and borders, and custom logos, slogans and trademarks for company branding.

How Do I Submit My Rendering to Be Sandblasted?
By uploading your sketch as an auto CAD file to our CAM system. Our state-of-the-art glass cutting line makes processing sandblasted orders easy. Once we receive it, we’ll begin generating your custom image right away. For further info, contact our glass department directly.

What Size Glass Sheets Can I Purchase?
You can get custom sandblasted glass in sizes up to 110″ x 198″. Operating one of the largest tempering ovens, we can produce standard and oversized panels for your projects.

Is There a Product That Will Protect My Custom Sandblasted Design?
Yes. Diamond Seal coatings protect glass surfaces and keep them looking new longer. So, this product will prevent stains, soap residue and household cleaners from depositing into your sandblasted etching. Just add it to your quote and we’ll apply it to your glass. Diamond seal coatings are backed with a 10 year manufacture warranty.

Where Can I Use Sandblasted Glass Panels? Which Kind of Jobs?
Custom sandblasted glass can be used in diverse applications. Suitable for indoor and outdoor contracts, you can bid these sheets for a wide range of commercial or residential spaces. We craft sandblasted panels for everything from entry doors, curtainwalls, and shower enclosures to handrails, tabletops, fences and mirrors.

Unlimited Designs. Unlimited Creativity

Envision your project like the unlimited canvas it is. Order custom sandblasted glass at PRL of the West Coast. We bring visions to life. See more!

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