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Custom Shower Systems Video

Turn ordinary into extraordinary with PRL. We fabricate custom shower enclosures in-house to satisfy endless homeowners and designers specifications and conditions.

Accommodating almost any opening size or dimension, our shower systems can be done in 180˚, in-line, neo-angle and other unique configurations. Offering the finest specialized glass fabrication, and with our own exclusive shower hardware line, we can bring your customers visions to life.

We generate everything from detailed tile notches, steam vent cut-outs, custom manufacture headers, finishes and more. We create shower enclosures like no other, PRL’s capabilities include custom glue chip borders, patterns, and artistic sandblasted designs.

Custom Shower Systems

We also offer Diamond Seal to maintain the spotless new look of enclosures being resistant to water beads, fingerprints and discoloration from hard water stains. PRL offers complete glazing solutions!

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