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Custom Glass Tabletops Video. Get Awe-Inspiring Glass Surfaces with Us!

Don’t limit yourself to an ordinary glass tabletop. Deal direct with PRL of the City of Industry! We produce awe-inspiring custom glass surfaces. Great for businesses and homes we manufacture essentially any size, shape and design. These heavy glass tabletops can be used for workstations and office desks, coffee tables and bar tops, or kitchen and dining surfaces. Made-to-order per your plans, we fabricate custom glass tabletops in your choice of annealed, heavy tempered or laminated glass. Available in a wide range of edges, corners and one-of-a-kind accents, these surfaces bring beautiful functionality to a host of interior and exterior projects.

Render custom glass tabletops to fit your clients décor. Whether it’s classic or modern, you can find what you need in our glass selection. We deliver a lavish assortment in sizes up to 190” and thicknesses from ¼” to ¾”. You can specify these glass surfaces in 16 spandrel and 12 laminated colors. We offer everything from brilliant blues, reds and yellows to peaceful greens, grays and whites. Looking for intricate detail? You can pick from over 12 textured motifs, custom glue chipped accents and limitless sandblasted graphics. We do it all! Themes, slogans or illustrations- they all look fantastic on our custom glass tabletops.

Custom Glass Tabletop Fabrications. There’s Nothing Like Them

We generate glass tabletops with boundless specializations. After all, custom glass fabrication lies at the heart of what we do. Our team fashions standard and complex geometric shapes, patterned inserts, custom overlays and just about any other specialized surface you may need. Just contact us and we’ll create something just for you. We even construct oversized conference tables with matching glass bases! Offered in a large array of the finest hand crafted edges and corners, our expertise brings distinction to your spaces. Simply put, there’s nothing like a custom glass tabletop from PRL.

Custom Glass Tabletops: Shapes, Corners, Edges & Options

Glass Tabletop Shapes:

  • Round, elliptical & ovals
  • Square, rectangular & blunt ends
  • Triangular, half-moon & boat shapes
  • Scalloped, waved & custom


Hand Crafted Glass Edges:

  • 45° mitered, beveled, flat & pencil polished
  • Bull Nose, Ogee, Rope, Gemstone, Waterfall
  • Chipped & Frost, Chipped & Polished, Ocean Surf
  • Ocean Surf w/Waves, Double Chip Fancy, custom

Custom Tabletop Corners:

  • 45° clipped, square & dubbed
  • Various angles & radiuses
  • Concave & silver dollar
  • Custom corners upon request


Tabletop Glass Options:

  • 16 spandrel colors & 12 laminated shades
  • Over 12 textured patterns
  • Custom sandblasted images, logos & themes
  • Made-to-order glue chipped borders & accents

PRL’s Custom Glass Tabletops. The Clear Choice for Inspiring Glass Surfaces

Shop custom glass tabletops at PRL. Why limit yourself to an ordinary surface? Do business with us and create glass tabletops that inspire. Learn more!

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