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Decorative Glass Types Video. Over 40 Standard & Infinite Custom Options

Bid PRL’s decorative glass types and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We manufacture over 40 standard and infinite custom options. Available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, this ornamental glass accents interiors and exteriors beautifully. Whether it’s a home, office or hospitality project, we have a decorative glass type for you. We render 28 standard glass colors, 13 textured glass styles, custom detailed interlayers and boundless sandblasted glass images. No wonder we’re the first choice amongst designers and architects!

Looking for colored decorative glass for your next contract? Explore our laminated and spandrel inventory. Sold in blues, greens, grays and more, we furnish 12 Rainbow interlayers, 16 spandrel shades, and countless custom hues. Our selection of Rainbow glass matches industry standard tints. So, these laminates can easily be combined with other PVB’s to create nearly any custom hue. Offered in a medley of popular earth tones, our decorative spandrel glass can also be customized as well as color matched. It’s easy. Just send us your sample, ICD will mix your tint, then we’ll apply it to your chosen glass type.

Decorative Glass Types. Custom Interlayers, Textures & Sandblasted Designs

For a decorative glass type that really wows check out our custom interlayers. Using materials you send us, we can make a never-ending array of ornamental designs. Eye-catching patterns, intricate textures, shadows and lighting effects can all be yours. How do we do it? Our experts embed your materials between glass panels to produce decorative interlayer make-ups. The possibilities are endless! Items like pieces of fabric, wood grains, wire mesh, or vinyl shaped cut-outs all bring originality to a host of applications. There’s no doubt about it. These decorative glass interlayers are sure to impress.

Clients need decorative glass for privacy or a personalized touch? Our textured and sandblasted collections will do the trick. Indoors or out, these ornamental glass lines won’t disappoint. We stock 13 in demand textured styles. Including patterns such as Delta Frost, Cross Reed and Rain, we can meet several specifications. And our craftsmen generate limitless sandblasted graphics. All custom fabricated in-house, they execute one-dimensional full opaque effects, shading that transitions to clear glass, and lifelike three-dimensional sculpted effects. Surface or deep carved, we render this decorative glass in limitless images, borders, themes, and logos.

Decorative Glass Types: Colors, Interlayers, Textures & Sandblasting

12 Laminated Rainbow Glass Colors:

  • Match industry standard tints!
  • Coral Rose, Ruby Red & Deep Red
  • Aquamarine, Sapphire Blue & True Blue
  • Ocean Gray, Smoke Gray & Evening Shadow
  • Golden Light, Sahara Sun & Tangerine


Vast Decorative Interlayer Materials:

  • Create textures & shadows
  • Use shapes & cut-outs
  • Wood & veneers
  • Metals & wire mesh
  • Fabrics & lace
  • Vinyl & paper patterns


Infinite Sandblasted Glass Designs:

  • Custom made in-house
  • Images & patterns
  • Borders & corner accents
  • Ocean, mythical & nature themes
  • Corporate logos & company slogans

16 Ornamental Spandrel Glass Shades:

  • Primary White, Light White & Snow White
  • Lava Bronze, Harmony Bronze & Neutral
  • Harmony Gray, Warm Gray, Harmony Graylite
  • Black, Black-Gray, Medium Gray & Charcoal
  • Evergreen, Harmony Solex & Harmony Blue


13 Textured Glass Styles:

  • Bamboo & Bamboo Frost
  • Delta Clear & Delta Frost
  • Glue Chipped Rolled & Splash
  • Cross Reed, Aquatex & Rain
  • Acid Etched & Water Flemish
  • Reeded & Bubble Glass


Ornamental Glass Applications:

  • Office, residential, commercial & hospitality
  • Interior & exterior projects
  • Swing & sliding entry doors
  • Back splashes & room divider panels
  • Wine cellars, accent walls & more!

Decorative Glass Types. Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary at PRL!

Shop decorative glass types at PRL of City of Industry! Supplying over 40 standard and infinite custom options, we just add up to better. See how!

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