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Full Frame Cladded Entrance Doors Video. 10 Valuable Answers to Your Questions

Shop full frame cladded entrance doors at PRL of Los Angeles County. We answer your 10 questions. Ever wonder how many vertical stiles we offer? What finishes you can bid, or if we render custom doors? Well, this FAQ tells you all you need to know about our full frame cladded entryways. Addressing everything from available hardware and glass types to how these doors can be used, we’ve complied a handy guide for you. Read on to learn more.

Full Frame Cladded Entrance Door FAQ’s. 5 Needed Answers to Your Questions

Get your questions answered. Buy full frame cladded entry doors from us. Below are FAQ’s relating to cladded ingress door use. There’s no doubt about it. Our passageways deliver numerous benefits for your projects.

1 – Where Can I Install Full Framed Doors? Interiors or Exteriors?
These doors are designed for exterior front entries. Cladded accessways can be installed in homes, office buildings, storefronts and several retail or hospitality establishments.

2 – Do Your Entrances Provide Weather Control?
Yes. Our full framed doors are equipped with state-of-the-art weather stripping. This grants improved weather control for your ingresses.

3 – Will These Cladded Doors Withstand Heavy Use? Are They Strong?
You betcha. Our entries are manufactured with heavy duty aluminum alloys, mechanically reinforced assemblies and heavier wall extrusions than standard doors. Strong and durable, these thresholds will stand up to the heaviest of demands.

4 – Can I Order Your Entries as Center Hung or Offset Doors?
You sure can. We furnish both. Full frame cladded doors can be specified with center hung or offset options. Either way, they’re constructed with matching perimeter framing.

5 – My Client Needs an Extra Tall Entrance. Will These Cladded Stiles Work?
Yes, you have a couple choices. We supply 2 vertical stiles that accommodate extra tall entries. They include our standard narrow and ultra-narrow stiles.

Shop Full Framed Aluminum Entrance Doors at PRL Glass & Aluminum.

More Full Frame Cladded Entrance Door FAQ’s. 5 Great Answers to Your Questions

Purchase full frame cladded doors from the glass and aluminum experts. We answer all your questions. Did you know these ingress doors are sold individually or as complete entry packages? Yep, that’s right. Find out more in the FAQ’s below. You’ll also learn about our stiles, finishes, hardware and glass types.

1 – What Do I Get in A Complete Entrance Package? When Will I Receive It?
Complete full frame packages include your choice of cladded door stile, glass type, selected hardware and exterior handle. They ship with all related framing, components and hardware preinstalled. And, if ordered with a panic device, we assemble that too.

Your entry system will arrive in only 2 weeks! Generating all doors and materials in our facility, we’re able to offer the fastest lead-times in the industry! No other competitors can match our speed!

2 – How Many Vertical Stiles Can I Pick? Can I Buy Custom Doors?
You can choose 5 standard vertical stiles for full frame cladded doors. They include 1 5/16” and 7/8” ultra-narrow stiles; and 3” narrow, 4 1/8” medium and 5 5/8” wide stiles.

Yes! We craft custom and oversized access doors. Made-to-order, they’re built to your dimensions in many opening sizes. Custom passageways can also be requested with vertical or horizontal muntins, stamped patterned frames and other decorative designs.

3 – Which Cladded Finishes Can I Bid for My Full Frame Entry?
We provide multiple finishes for these front ingress doors. You can elect 304 brushed or polished stainless steel; satin or polished brass; oil rubbed bronze; and clear or bronze anodize. Our cladded finishes also include various Kynar paints and brushed or polished 316 stainless steel upon request.

4 – Will These Doors Accept Standard or Specialty Hardware? If Yes, What Kinds?
Yes. Our full frame entrances accept both. These cladded access doors will accommodate standard and specialty hardware. We carry everything from butt hinges, floor closers and panic devices to deadbolt locks, ladder pulls and custom pull handles.

5 – What Glass Types Can I Specify for Full Frame Passageways? How About Thicknesses?
You can get vast glass types for your entry doors. All fabricated ourselves, they’re available in ¼”, 3/8” and ½” thicknesses and 1” thicknesses for IG units. Your options for cladded thresholds are tempered, laminated, insulated and bullet resistant glass. And we also create endless spandrel colors, textured patterns and sandblasted graphics.

Full Frame Cladded Entrance Doors. Imagine What We Can Do for You!

Shop PRL’s full frame cladded ingress doors. Standard or custom, we can make your dreams come true. Learn about our customizations!

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