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Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars Video. Simply Elegant Framed & Frameless Showcases

Shop PRL’s glass enclosed wine cellars. Get your heart’s desire with these elegant framed and frameless showcases. Great for residential wine closets or commercial tasting rooms, our units display bottles with complete transparency. We manufacture these wine cellars in our facility in Southern California. Offering infinite customizations, we can assemble them in a wide range of door styles, glass types, panel sizes, and more. So, exhibit your favorite vintages with class. While redwood and mahogany are beautiful, nothing shows off a prized collection like our glass enclosed wine cellars.

Our wine cellars are made-to-order with all-glass or aluminum framed doors. Generated in endless configurations with swing or sliding options, they meet vast specifications. We render frameless wine cellars in 5 standard and custom all-glass swing door styles. Boasting slim, unobtrusive rails, they bring seamless transparency to these glass enclosures. Don’t have enough room to accommodate swing door space? Our framed wine cellars are the answer. They can be purchased with swing or sliding doors. Sold in ranges of aluminum swing stiles, your slider choices include full-framed or Max sliding doors. Every glass wine cellar we produce is available with single, double or oversized doors.

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars. Custom Made for Your Clients

We custom build glass enclosed wine cellars in several sizes, thicknesses and panel types. With glass fabrication as our area of expertise, we can craft boundless customizations. Whether your project calls for wine racking with notches and holes, or oversized panels, we can do it all. You can quote framed and frameless wine cellars in 3/8”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. Furnished in standard and oversizes up to 110” x 190”, these units can store the grandest of collections. We make glass enclosed wine cellars with heavy tempered, laminated or low iron glass. Or, if your customer prefers, our team can custom etch glass panels with sandblasted or glue chipped patterns, borders, graphics and logos.

Our glass enclosed wine cellars can be fit with a huge assortment of hardware and handles. To pivot doors and support glass panels, we supply everything from door rails, floating headers and Euro patch fittings to overhead closers, corner patch rail combos, and more. Looking for just the right handle for your framed or frameless wine cellar? We’ve got lots. Our most popular styles include standard, offset, C-pull, ladder and locking ladder pulls. And we can even custom extrude handles to your own designs. Generated in any size, shape or diameter, they’re sure to accent your client’s glass wine cellar perfectly.

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars: Framed & Frameless, Customizations & More

Frameless All-Glass Units:

  • Door Styles: All-glass swing
  • Door Sizes: Single, double & oversized
  • Glass panels custom made to your plans
  • Infinite configurations


Custom Wine Cellar Fabrications:

  • Glass wine racking shelves & panels
  • Precise hole diameters & notches
  • Detailed sandblasted & glue chipped graphics


Framed & Frameless Door Hardware:

  • Door rails, floating headers & offset pivots
  • Euro patch fittings & overhead closers
  • Corner patch rail combos & more!

Standard Hardware & Handle Finishes:

  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Satin & polished brass
  • Clear & bronze anodized

Aluminum Framed Units:

  • Door Styles: Aluminum swing, Max & full framed sliders
  • Door Sizes: Single, double & oversized
  • Glass panels custom manufactured to your specs
  • Endless layouts


Glass Enclosure Sizes, Thicknesses & Types:

  • Panel Sizes: Up to 110” x 190”
  • Sheet Thicknesses: 3/8”, ½” & ¾”
  • Glass Types: Heavy tempered, laminated & low iron


Wine Cellar Pull Handles:

  • Standard, offset & C-pulls
  • Ladder & locking ladder pulls
  • Custom Pulls: Curved, geometric, S-shapes & more!

Custom Handle Finishes:

  • Mixed colors
  • Dual tones
  • Powder coats

Glass Enclosed Wine Cellars. Simply Elegant Framed & Frameless Showcases

Order glass enclosed wine cellars at PRL. Completely transparent, our framed and frameless units are the only way to showcase cherished vintages. Learn more!

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