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How Achitectural Glass Is Cut Video

At PRL Glass Systems, we cut all architectural glass in-house with four state-of-the-art glass cutting machines. Operating daily a total of four machines in our glass cutting process, we can fabricate glass at a high rate of speed enabling increased production capacity.

Our glass cutting line utilizes the latest glass technology in the industry. Equipped with an automated overhead crane, an automated transporting system, a loading tilt table and a breakout table, our glass production and fabrication speed are unmatched.

How is Architectural Glass Cut at PRL?

PRL’s professional glass cutters can cut virtually any glass specifications. We can provide and produce a large assortment of glass thicknesses and sizes as well as a variety of standard and custom digitized shapes with ease and precision.

Also, our glass cutting line makes processing orders convenient and easy. With the ability to upload auto CAD files directly to our any of our four cutting line CAM processes, we can save you time and begin fabricating your order faster.

We hope you find this video informative, illustrating PRL’s production glass cutting line process. 

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