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How Insulated Glass Is Fabricated Video

With the high cost of heating and cooling a building and stringent Title 24 requirements, Insulated Glass Units are more important than ever. For this reason, we are excited to share with you our State of the Art Insulated Glass Production Line.

Our PRL team works 24 hours around the clock to provide our customers with the highest quality Insulated Glass Products and the Fastest Lead Time in the Industry!

IG units are hermetically sealed combinations of two or more lites of glass separated by a dry airspace with a dual seal. By creating a thermal break between the exterior and interior glass panels, IG units work to keep extreme hot or cold weather temperatures outside of a building, helping to maintain a comfortable room temperature inside.

How Insulated Glass is Fabricated

IG units can provide significant energy performance value when combined with Low E or Reflective coated glass. High performing Soft Coat Low E glass, positioned to the inside (#2 or surface of an IG unit can provide up to 50 percent greater U-values and Solar Heat Gain coefficients, compared to an uncoated unit.

Using Insulated Glass Units with Low E glass can substantially reduce heating, and cooling costs of a home or commercial building. Adding Argon gas can also increase the performance value.

Using heat strengthened laminated glass can also provide impact resistance and greater sound proofing as part of the unit’s overall performance value.

PRL is a Guardian and Vitro certified fabricator. Our Insulated Glass Units undergo regular testing and certification by the IGCC and IGMA. The video link below demonstrates one of our newest fully automated Vertical Line Insulating Systems, incorporating the latest technology in glass fabrication machinery and allowing us to fabricate and provide our customers with the best quality glass products in the market.

PRL Insulated Glass Units are a high quality, total energy performance product that translates into reduced energy costs and increased comfort.

Please contact our knowledgeable staff for performance data to address your project requirements.

PRL IG UNIT CAPABILITIES: Max Size 87″ x 137″, Min Size 6″ x 6″; Standard and Super Spacers and Standard and Sculptured Grids available; arched and pattern shapes available. 

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