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Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass Video. 10 Prized Security Glass FAQ’s

Stay safe! Buy laminated bullet resistant glass at PRL. We answer 10 prized security glass FAQ’s. Rendering threat levels 1-8, you’ll find out our interlayers are scratch resistant, satisfy building codes and protect against high velocity impacts. Great for businesses, government facilities and home projects, our bullet resistant glass can be used in windows, entrance doors, guard booths and more. And manufacturing all safety panels in our facility, you’ll learn what sizes, laminated make-ups and interlayer thicknesses you can get.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass. Fabrication & Uses:

How Do You Make Your Bullet Resistant Glass?
We produce our bullet resistant interlayers by bonding proprietary blends of PVB’s and polycarbonates to layers of glass. The thinnest and lightest on the market, these laminates don’t carry excessive weight making them perfect for many contracts.

Can I Use Interlayer Threat Levels 1-8 in Framed Applications? If So, What Kinds?
Yes, you can! Because our interlayers are so light, they can be used without damaging framed applications. Regardless of threat level, this laminated bullet resistant glass is suitable for the jobs below.

1-8 Threat Level Framed Application Uses:

  • Interior & Exterior Building Windows
  • Bandit Barriers
  • Ticket Booths
  • Interior & Exterior Entrance Doors
  • Security Gates & Fences
  • Protective Barriers

Will This Laminated Security Glass Fit Into Door Glazing Pockets?
It sure will. Our bullet resistant glass can be used in several entry door glazing pockets. The thinnest interlayer around, these laminates offer versatility fitting numerous swing and sliding access doors.

Do Your Bullet Resistant Products Meet Building Codes?
Yes! Our interlayers satisfy building codes, and all threat levels meet UL 752 & NIJ 0108.01 standards. So, this laminated bullet resistant glass can be used in your bids to provide the safety you need.

Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass. What You Can Get:

Which Size Bullet Resistant Panels Can I Order?
You can purchase our laminated security glass in a range of standard and custom sizes. We generate standard bullet resistant sheets in sizes up to 48″ x 96″, and custom interlayer panels up to 60″ x 96″.

Can I Specify a Variety of Laminated Make-Ups?
You sure can! We create infinite bullet resistant make-ups. Using laminated glass that’s annealed, heat strengthened or tempered, you can select from multiple interlayer colors and glass options. See your choices below.

Available Laminated Make-Ups:

Interlayer Colors:

  • Clear
  • Blues
  • Grays
  • And More!

Glass Options:

  • Tinted
  • Reflective
  • Textured
  • Mirrored

How Thick Will My Safety Glass Interlayers Be?
That depends on which threat level you need. We render our interlayers starting at 1” overall thicknesses. But because they increase as resistance levels do, your laminate could vary. For example, we craft level 3 bullet resistant glass in 1.10” thicknesses. But we manufacture higher threat levels with even thicker overalls. Please consult us for details.

Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass. Security & Protection:

How Does Bullet Resistant Glass Protect Against High-Velocity Impacts?
Safety glass panels guard people from flying ammunition and glass breakage with their laminated interlayers. Interrupting the force of projectiles, this pliable material bends and flexes preventing full penetration. Our laminated bullet resistant glass delivers outstanding no-spall protection at 15ft. from target. So, instead of completely shattering, our interlayers keep glass sheets in place on the attack and witness side from quite a distance.

Are Your Security Interlayers Physical Attack or Blast Resistant?
No, our bullet resistant laminates shield against glass breakage and ammunition only. These interlayers are not intended to protect against bomb blasts or physical attacks. However, our laminated bullet resistant glass does offer superior defense at the front and backside of panels against a host of weaponry and calibers.

What Kind of Ammunition & Weapons Do These Laminates Guard Against?
Our interlayers protect against a wide assortment of weapons and ammunition. Refer to the list below for an overview of these 8 bullet resistant threat levels. Please consult us for detailed laminated safety glass test reports.

PRL’s 8 Bullet Resistant Glass Threat Levels

Threat Level:

Ammunition Caliber:

Weapon Tested:

Level 1

9 mm.

Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core

Level 2


Magnum Jacketed Lead Soft Point

Level 3


Magnum Lead Semi Wadcutter Gas Checked

Level 4


Rifle Lead Core Soft Point

Level 5

7.62 mm.

Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket, Military Ball

Level 7

5.56 mm.

Rifle Full Metal Copper Jacket with Lead Core

Level 8

7.62 mm.

Rifle Lead Core Full Metal Copper Jacket, Military Ball

Get Laminated Bullet Resistant Glass at PRL. Stay Protected with Us!

Nab your bullet resistant glass from PRL. Furnishing interlayer threat levels 1-8, there’s no reason to shop anywhere else. See how these laminates can make a difference.

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