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Laminated Glass Supplier Video. 6 Product Lines & Our Interlayers

Shop laminated glass at the top supplier in the City of Industry- PRL Glass & Aluminum! We supply 6 must-have product lines and vast interlayers. Delivering versatility and strength, this safety glass will meet your needs. We furnish 4 standard PVB’s, sound control laminates, structural SentryGlas®, 8 bullet resistant levels, 12 rainbow colors and infinite decorative interlayers. Great for interior and exterior applications, our security glass can be used in windows, entry doors, handrails, and more.

We fabricate all laminated glass in-house. Requesting annealed, heat strengthened or tempered sheets, you can buy sizes up to 96″ x 155″ and thicknesses from 1/4″ to 3″. Carrying multiple glass types, you can get boundless interlayer make-ups in tinted, reflective or patterned options. And we even produce laminated IG units for additional sound proofing, impact rating and energy performance. Learn all about our interlayers and laminated glass products below.

Custom Laminated Glass with the fastest lead times in the industry.

Laminated Glass: Benefits, Collections, Interlayers & More

Laminated Glass Benefits:

  • Protection & Sound Control: Absorbs impacts & sound
  • Versatile: Many uses, colors & interlayer patterns
  • Can Be Used in IG Units: Even higher performance
  • Fabricated In-House: Several sizes & thicknesses


Standard PVB Interlayer Inventory:

  • Clear
  • 7% Shinning White
  • 65% Translucent White
  • 81% Sand White


Structural Laminated SentryGlas®:

  • Meets building codes, ANSI & ASTM standards
  • 5x’s stronger & 100x’s more rigid than traditional PVB’s
  • Exposed edges less susceptible to moisture intrusion
  • Hurricane & blast resistant


Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass Choices:

  • Blues: Aquamarine, Sapphire Blue & True Blue
  • Grays: Smoke Gray, Evening Shadow & Ocean Gray
  • Yellows & Oranges: Sahara Sun, Golden Light & Tangerine
  • Pinks, Purples & Reds: Coral Rose, Ruby Red & Deep Red


Available Make-Ups:

  • Tempered & insulated
  • Tinted & reflective
  • Patterned & mirrored
  • And more!


Sound Control Laminated Glass:

  • Acoustic grade PVB interlayer
  • Superior sound reduction & protection
  • 5 dB improvement over float glass
  • Higher values in IG units


Bullet Resistant Interlayers:

  • Threat levels 1-8
  • Satisfies UL 752 & NIJ 0108.01 standards
  • Thinner & lighter than competitors!
  • Exceptional no-spall ballistic protection


Decorative Interlayer Materials:

  • Woods & Veneers: Vast grains, shapes & cut-outs
  • Fabrics: Ranges of textures & colors
  • Wire Mesh: Assorted patterns, designs & motifs
  • Endless Materials = Endless possibilities!


Laminated Glass. Get the Best Interlayers from the Best Supplier.

Order laminated glass at PRL. Offering the finest interlayers around, we’re your go-to source for safety glass products. See what we can do for you!

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