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Matte Black Shower Hardware Video. Create Trendsetting Baths with Us!

Steal the spotlight with matte black shower hardware. Quote at PRL Glass & Aluminum and create trendsetting baths with us! Businesses or home, this in-demand finish brings fashionable style to hotels, spas, gyms, and pool houses alike. We furnish a large collection of matte black shower hardware. Rendered in-house, you can purchase everything from hinges and clamps, to headers, u-channels and support bars, to pull handles and towel bars. Suitable for a wide range of applications, this matte black shower hardware has a lot to offer. It can be used on our swing door shower systems, Tiffany dual bypass shower sliders, custom steam units, and bath partitions.

We supply a variety of hinges and clamps in matte black shower hardware finish. Generated in 2 attractive profiles, you can order them for standard or heavy shower glass loads. Our Bella/Beverly series is crafted with beveled corners and edges, whereas our Sidney components have a squared design. Made for 3/8” and ½” glass thicknesses, this matte black shower hardware fits our swing door shower enclosures, steam units and bath partitions. For projects under 80 lbs., you can bid standard Beverly hinges and clamps, and for heavier shower systems, Bella and Sidney hinges will do the job. We also stock sleeve-over glass clamps in matte black to meet your needs.

Matte Black Shower Hardware. For Swing Door Systems, Shower Sliders & Steam Units

Looking for matte black shower headers, u-channels or support bars? We extrude an assortment for our shower enclosures. Available in standard and custom lengths, this matte black shower hardware accepts 3/8” and ½” glass thicknesses. We manufacture headers and u-channels for our swing door shower units. Produced with premium quality aluminum, these support elements are made to last. Dual bypass sliders come with stainless steel support bars. Rectangular in shape, this matte black shower hardware not only delivers strength but elegance to baths.

You can specify numerous pull handles and towel bars in matte black shower hardware finish. All constructed with brass tubing, these components hit the mark on swing door shower systems, dual bypass sliders and steam units. We render matte black pull handles in 3 different styles. You can request standard and squared C-pulls in addition to mini ladder pulls. Complete with decorative metal washers, we offer single-sided towel bars for ¼” to ½” thick shower enclosures. You can buy this matte black shower hardware in 18” and 24” lengths.

Matte Black Shower Hardware: Hinges, Headers, Pull Handles & More

Shower Hinges & Clamps:

  • Shower System Type: Frameless swing doors
  • Glass thicknesses: 3/8” & ½”
  • Standard: Beverly wall mount hinges & fixed wall mount clamps
  • Heavy-Duty: Bella & Sidney wall mount hinges
  • Sleeve-Over: 90° & 135° glass clamps


U-Channel Hardware:

  • Shower System Type: Frameless swing doors
  • Glass thicknesses: 3/8” & ½”
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Stock lengths: 98”
  • Custom sizes available


Matte Black Pull Handles:

  • Shower System Type: Frameless swing doors
  • Glass Thicknesses: Varies per handle. Consult us for details
  • Material: Brass tubing
  • C-Pull Shapes: Standard & square
  • Ladder Pull Size: Mini

Matte Black Headers:

  • Shower System Type: Frameless swing doors
  • Glass thicknesses: 3/8”
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Stock lengths: 6 ft. & 10 ft.
  • Custom sizes available


Shower Support Bars:

  • Shower System Type: Dual Bypass Sliders
  • Glass Thicknesses: 3/8”
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Stock lengths: 60” – 72”
  • Custom sizes available


Towel Bar Hardware:

  • Shower System Type: Swing & bypass sliders
  • Glass Thicknesses: ¼’ – ½”
  • Material: Brass tubing
  • Design: Single-sided
  • Lengths: 18” & 24”

Matte Black Shower Hardware. Bring Fashionable Style to Your Projects!

Win big with matte black shower hardware at PRL. Our collection grants modern style to baths. Learn more.

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