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MirroView™ Glass Video. What Can It Do for TV Screens? Read Our Q&A’s!

What is MirroView™ glass and what can it do for TV screens? At PRL of the City of Industry we have all your answers. Transforming video monitors into elegant mirrors, this revolutionary product is ideal for several spaces. So, how does MirroView™ glass work? Does it offer any other benefits? And where can it be used? Learn about these reflective surfaces by reading our Q&A’s below. We address all these questions and more.

Get MirroView™ Glass at PRL. Turn TV Screens into Stylish Mirrors! See How It Works!

MirroView™ Glass. What Is It & How Does It Work?

What Is Mirroview™ Glass?
Mirroview™ glass is a transparent reflective hard coat that turns TV screens into mirrors. Made from pyrolytic materials, these coatings are chemically fused to glass sheets then placed in front of monitors.

How Do These Reflective Coatings Work?
Covering the surface of video screens, these reflective coatings disguise monitors as mirrors. When turned off, all you see is the reflective glass surface. But when turned on, the image displays clearly through the transparent coating without any mirrored effect.

Will This TV Glass Cause Picture Distortion?
No, Mirroview™ glass meets ASTM C 1376 standards. This means these hard coats are designed for superior optical and aesthetic performance.

What’s the Lifespan for Mirroview™ Coatings? Is Reapplication Necessary?
Highly durable, these mirrored surfaces will last a lifetime. So no, you will not have to reapply the pyrolytic coating. This reflective material will last forever.

MirroView™ Glass. What Can I Buy & Where Can I Use It?

Can MirroView™ Glass Be Tempered?
Yes it can! These transparent hard coats can withstand processing. This means we can temper MirroView™ glass panels for your projects. Just let us know when you bid. We do all tempering ourselves in-house.

Do I Have to Account for Edge Deletion When Ordering This Coating?
You sure don’t. Edge deletion isn’t required. This mirrored glass coating doesn’t need it. Just pick your sheet size and you’re good to go.

My Client Wants His Reflective Screen to Be Tinted. Can I Specify One?
Yes you can. We also produce tinted MirroView™ glass to cover video screens and monitors. Our team simply applies the reflective coating to your chosen glass color. To prevent tints from interfering with picture clarity, we recommend selecting lighter tones. We’ll even provide samples upon request.

Which MirroView™ Sheet Sizes & Glass Thicknesses Can I Bid?
We fabricate all TV glass in our facility. Sold in ¼” thicknesses, you can purchase panel sizes up to 96” x 126”. Please consult with us prior to ordering. Size limitations for transparent coatings may apply.

Do These Reflective Hard Coats Offer Any Other Benefits?
They sure do! Dependable and long lasting, these pyrolytic materials deliver a number of added bonuses. Placed in front of video screens, these mirrored glass panels will protect your monitor’s surface. Additionally, their reflective hard coats make TV screens and monitors easier to clean, handle and transport.

Where Can I Use MirroView™ Glass? How Many Kinds of Applications?
MirroView™ glass can be used in huge assortments of interior applications. Great for businesses and homes, these transparent coatings create beautiful TV mirrors for hotels, lobbies and salons as well as kitchens, baths and living rooms. These reflective surfaces can also be used for digital retail signage, touch screens and smart mirrors.

MirroView™ Glass. Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary!

Order MirroView™ glass at PRL. Camouflaging TV screens as elegant mirrors, you’ll turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Learn more!

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