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Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass Video. 12 Standard & Over 1,000 Custom Shades

Buy Rainbow colored laminated glass at PRL of Southern California. We supply 12 standard shades and create over 1,000 custom hues. Extending a number of beneficial features, these interlayers will meet your commercial or residential needs. Not only are they fade resistant, but our laminates satisfy building codes. Available in a wide range of make-ups, interlayer thicknesses and sizes, this Rainbow colored glass is ideal for several interior and exterior applications.

We stock Rainbow colored laminated glass in 12 standard shades. Carried in collections of blues, grays, yellows and reds, our interlayers are the finest quality. These laminates match industry-standard tints. So, this means our interlayers can be combined with other PVB’s to manufacture over 1,000 custom hues. With the ability to generate transparent and opaque shades, our Rainbow colored laminated glass brings countless decorative options to your business and home projects.

Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass. Valuable Features & What You Can Bid

Our Rainbow colored laminated glass delivers a host of valuable features. First, these interlayers will not fade. Rendered with heat and light stable pigments, our laminates stand up to UV rays better than colored glass made with dyes. Also, these interlayers achieve varying light transmissions without having to vary glass thickness or sacrifice structural performance. And, best of all, our Rainbow colored laminated glass conforms to building codes. So, you’re assured these interlayers will provide the strength and safety your contracts require.

We fabricate Rainbow colored laminated glass in a scope of make-ups, panel sizes and interlayer thicknesses. This product can be ordered in sheet sizes up to 96″ x 155″, and interlayer thicknesses from ¼” to 3”. For laminated make-ups, you can choose glass that’s been annealed, heat strengthened or tempered in a variety of tinted, reflective, textured or mirrored panels. Regardless of which you request, our Rainbow colored laminated glass looks great in handrails, office partitions, entry doors and more.

Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass: Features, Shades, Make-Ups & More

Laminated Colored Glass Features:

  • Over 1,000 custom hues available!
  • Interlayers meet building codes
  • Laminates enable varying light transmissions
  • Fade resistant tints made without dyes


Glass Sizes & Interlayer Thicknesses:

  • Max Panel Sizes: Up to 96″ x 155″
  • Interlayer Thicknesses: ¼” to 3”

12 Standard Rainbow Interlayers:

  • Blues: Aquamarine, Sapphire Blue & True Blue
  • Grays: Smoke Gray, Evening Shadow & Ocean Gray
  • Yellows: Sahara Sun, Golden Light & Tangerine
  • Reds: Coral Rose, Ruby Red & Deep Red


Laminated Make-Ups:

  • Glass Types: Annealed, heat strengthened & tempered
  • Glass Options: Tinted, reflective, patterned & mirrored

Rainbow Colored Laminated Glass. Get 12 Standard & Over 1,000 Custom Shades at PRL!

Don’t miss out! Purchase Rainbow colored laminated glass at PRL. Available in heaps of shades, we’ve got what you need. Deal direct with us today!

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