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Spandrel Glass Video

For an unlimited range of spandrel glass colors check out PRL of Los Angeles County! Offering over 15 standard shades and limitless custom hues, we bring style to professional and residential projects.

Whether you’re designing a handrail system, exterior building, or a shower enclosure splash back wall, we can accent a host of applications in beautiful blues, greens, whites, blacks and more. Using the finest color matching techniques, we measure hues electronically and combine spandrel overlays to create nearly any custom shade.

Spandrel Glass for Vast Glazing Products. Don’t Miss Out! Get Yours at PRL Glass & Aluminum!

Using ICD OPACI-COAT 300® water-based silicone coatings, these colored films can be applied to any annealed or tempered glass type in a variety of thicknesses.

Ideal for clear, low-iron, low E, and mirrored applications, spandrel coatings can also meet dual-sided specifications. With the ability to be applied on the backside of glass, these overlays can provide continuity for both sides of reflective and tinted products.

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