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Spandrel Glass Video. Why So Many Colors? Find Out This & More!

Order spandrel glass at PRL. Find out why there’s so many colors. Answering this and even more questions, we provide a handy guide to assist you through your decorating journey. Great for several interior and exterior applications, this ornamental glass has a lot to offer. Commercial or residential, it brings unlimited stylish hues to your projects.

As the West Coast’s top supplier of spandrel glass, we cover topics like what shades are available, where this product can be used and its benefits. Fabricating all glass in our facility, you’ll also learn which thicknesses, sizes and types you can specify. Rendered in bold jewel-like colors and soft, gentle hues, spandrel glass is the way to accent your clients’ spaces.

What is Spandrel Glass? How Is It Made?
This decorative glass is a product that’s coated with a colored paint-like material. These coatings come in endless tints that can be applied to numerous glass types. We make all spandrel glass by applying these coatings in-house. Delivering superior opacification for multiple glazing products, we use ICD’s OPACI-COAT 300® water-based silicone coatings. To ensure even, smooth application, they’re applied by spraying or roller-coating the paint onto glass sheets.

Which Glass Types Can I Get? Can Colored Paints Be Applied to All?
Spandrel paints can be applied to almost all glass types. Regardless of which shade, you can request any annealed, monolithic or tempered glass type. So, we apply colored coatings to the glasses below.

  • Clear & low iron
  • Low E & IG
  • Tinted & reflective
  • Mirrored

How Many Decorative Glass Thicknesses Do You Supply? What About Sizes?
We furnish spandrel glass in 4 thicknesses and a variety of sizes. Ornamental panels are generated in ¼”, 3/8”, ½” and ¾” thicknesses. Glass sheet sizes typically range from 60” x 120” to 110” x 198”. However, there can be exceptions. Please call us for details. 800-433-7044.

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Where Can I Use Spandrel Glass? Which Kind of Applications?
This painted glass has limitless applications. So, you can use spandrel hues in virtually any interior or exterior business or home project. Here’s a list of diverse examples:

  • Table tops & countertops
  • Kitchen & bath backsplashes
  • Shower unit splash back walls
  • Wall cladding
  • Vertical glass glazing
  • Accent walls & dividers
  • Curtain wall infill panels
  • Entrance doors & windows
  • Storefronts & glass surround
  • Handrail & guardrail panels

Will These Painted Coatings Work for Dual-Sided Colored Glass?
Yes, they will. Spandrel coatings can be applied to the backside of any type of glass. This means complementary shades can be chosen to match the front side of reflective and tinted products. Perfect for exterior multi-story commercial buildings, dual-sided decorative glass can hide the mechanical components between floors.

Why Is Spandrel Glass Ideal for Kitchen & Bath Projects?
Because it makes for simple maintenance. A great alternative to tile or stone, this ornamental glass has no grout where mold or mildew can hide. So, spandrel counters and backsplashes require little scrubbing. And, if you order Diamond Seal glass coating, it will protect these colored kitchen and bath surfaces. This will make them easier to clean and look like new for a number of years.

How Many Shades Can I Bid? Can I Buy Custom Glass Hues?
You can get this decorative glass in infinite spandrel colors. And yes! You can purchase custom shades too. We stock a full line of over 15 standard paints and can have your glass custom tinted in virtually any pigment you want. Spandrel glass is available in vast arrays of the colors below. Please note: Custom hues will incur an additional cost. Dial 800-433-7044 for specifics.

  • Standard Colors:
  • Blacks, blues & greens
  • Whites, grays, bronzes & browns
  • Custom Colors:
  • Fjord & Aged Copper
  • Reds & more!

I Have a Color Sample. Will You Color Match Spandrel Glass? If So, How?
Yes! We can have your ornamental glass color matched by ICD. Just send us your sample, then we’ll begin the process. Once you’ve approved your shade, we’ll apply the coating in our facility to your chosen glass. Then we’ll ship your spandrel glass to you. To learn more about our color matching process and charges, contact us.

When Will My Decorative Glass Order Arrive?
Delivery times depend on whether you’ve placed a standard or custom spandrel glass order. Standard painted hues typically arrive in 3-4 working days. Due to the process for specialized tints, custom decorative glass will take longer. Just speak with one of our representatives for custom lead-time details.

Spandrel Glass. Find Your Heart’s Desire at PRL!

PRL Glass & Aluminum. Check out our spandrel glass today. Furnishing endless colors, we’ve got it all! Learn how we can offer so many.

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