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Spandrel Shower Splashback Walls Video. Learn All About Them!

Learn all about spandrel shower splashback walls. At PRL of the West Coast, we answer all your questions. A great alternative to tile or stone, these enclosures have a lot to offer. We manufacture all spandrel shower splashback walls in our facility. As a certified ICD supplier, we apply their OPACI-COAT 300® water-based paints to glass panels we fabricate in-house to create these shower units. Available in 16 standard and infinite custom shades, you’ll find out all about them below. You’ll discover which colors you can order, what sizes you can bid, and how to care for your spandrel shower splashback walls.

Spandrel Shower Splashback Walls. Easy Maintenance, Boundless Colors

Spandrel Shower Splashback Wall Colors:

What Standard Splashback Wall Shades Can I Quote?
You can choose from 16 standard spandrel glass colors that we stock in-house. So, you can get your shower walls in assorted ranges of blues, greens, whites, grays, blacks, browns and bronzes.

Am I Limited to a Range of Custom Spandrel Shower Hues?
No, you can request just about any custom color your splashback walls call for. ICD can supply us with custom shades like Aged Copped, Fjord blue, reds, purples and more. Then we’ll apply them to sheets of glass we produce ourselves to make your spandrel shower enclosure. There is an additional cost for custom hues. Please consult us for details.

Will You Color Match My Splashback Walls?
Yes, we offer color matching through ICD. Just send us your color sample, they’ll create your spandrel shade, then we’ll apply it to your splashback walls. For additional info and color matching prices, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your spandrel shower unit questions.

Spandrel Shower Splashback Wall Sizes & Thicknesses:

What’s The Largest Size Splashback Walls I Can Order?
That depends on which kind of shower system you need. For swing door shower enclosures we generate spandrel walls up to 120” x 36”. And for our shower sliders, we furnish splashback panels in sizes up to 84” x 30”.

Do You Render Spandrel Shower Units in Varying Glass Thicknesses?
Yes, we do. Splashback walls for swing door shower enclosures are available in 3/8” and ½” glass thicknesses. Spandrel walls for shower sliders come in 3/8” glass thicknesses.

Spandrel Shower Splashback Wall Care & Other Bath Uses:

Are These Splashback Walls Difficult to Maintain & Care For?
No. Spandrel glass makes splashback walls easy to care for. Unlike tile or stone, these colored walls require little to no scrubbing since they have no grout where mold and mildew can hide. So cleaning and maintaining spandrel shower systems is a breeze.

How Can I Protect My Spandrel Shower Enclosure?
To protect your splashback walls, you can order Diamond Seal shower glass coating. This product will coat the surface of your spandrel glass so it’s more resistant to hard water stains and chemicals in household cleaners.

Can Spandrel Glass Be Used for Other Bathroom Applications? Is It Good for Privacy?
Yes, this colored glass can also be used for bathroom countertops, vanities and backsplashes. And because spandrel glass is naturally opaque, it’s perfect for creating privacy. So, you can also use it for shower partitions and bathroom stalls. Just let us know if you’d like single or double coatings for your desired level of opacity. 

Spandrel Shower Splashback Walls. Get Easy Maintenance & Boundless Colors at PRL!

Shop spandrel shower splashback walls at PRL! Delivering endless shades and hassle-free care, you’ll be glad you did. 

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