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Spandrel Shower Splashback Walls Video

Order spandrel shower splashback walls at PRL. Visionary in design, our glass panels are a great alternative to shower tile and stone specially if you coat the glass with Diamond Seal. The Diamond Seal makes it easier to clean making the glass look like new for many years. This product combines the best of style and function for commercial and residential walls.

Experience the advantages of spandrel shower splashbacks. Using ICD OPACI-COAT 300® water-based silicone coatings, we apply the spandrel to glass panels in-house to ensure even, smooth application. Spandrel glass makes for simple maintenance. Unlike tile or stone, glass panels require little scrubbing since they have no grout where mold and mildew can hide.

Spandrel Shower Splashback Walls. Easy Maintenance, Boundless Colors

Don’t limit yourself to an ordinary shower. Choose PRL’s spandrel glass splashback walls and bring radiant color to your bath. Supplying over 15 standard shades in a range of whites, blacks, blues, greens and more, we can deliver the subtlest of tints to the boldest of tones. And, by measuring colors electronically and combining spandrel overlays, we can create nearly any custom hue. Please consult us for details. Custom colored shower glass panels may be subject to additional cost.

Don’t forget to download our CAD, BIM and specs! A great resource, our ARCAT® page features a broad selection of our product lines.

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