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Oversized Glass Video. Tempered, Laminated & IG Units

Find the best selection of oversized glass at PRL. Tempered, laminated and IG units- we do it all. Commercial or residential, indoors or out, our experts will meet your needs. We render jumbo sized glass panels for windows, mall storefronts, monumental entrance doors, wine cellars, and more. Equipped with 4 tempering ovens, 2 insulated glass lines, a state-of-the-art lamination line and 4 machines in our glass cutting line, our capabilities can’t be beat. Not only do we furnish several sizes and thicknesses for each, but we’re one of the few manufacturers that generates oversized glass every day of the week. And we also run one of the largest tempering furnaces around!

We craft mega sized tempered, laminated and insulated glass with the fastest lead-times in the industry. Operating a total of 4 tempering ovens and 4 machines in our cutting line daily, we fabricate immense volumes of glass at high rates of speed. And tempering 24 hours a day, we can produce oversized sheets with next day service. Our glass cutting line includes an automated overhead crane, a transporting system, a loading tilt table and breakout table. Handling many kinds of orders, you can request digitally cut shapes on tempered, laminated or IG panels. And our cutting line lets us make your giant sized glass right away! Just upload your auto CAD files then we can begin.

Oversized Glass. Laminated & IG Units. High Performance Options

Our team creates limitless collections of oversized laminated glass. Stocking huge inventories of interlayers and glass types, we can fashion endless make-ups. Our lamination line accepts everything from annealed, heat strengthened and tempered sheets to tinted, reflective, patterned and mirrored panels. And carrying wide assortments of PVB’s, structural SentryGlas®, sound control laminates, bullet resistant levels and colored interlayers, we can manufacture just about any kind of large sized safety glass. Regardless of what your contracts require, we can deliver.

We render oversized insulated glass units in 2 robot IG lines. Generated at 1,200 units per 8 hr. shift, we assemble the finest quality energy efficient products lightning fast. This means you can get your jumbo sized sheets when you need them. Floor-to-ceiling window displays? Oversized curtain wall projects? Giant swing or sliding entry doors? Sure, we can fill your insulated glass bids reliably- each and every time. You can specify mega sized corner offset units, arched or patterned shaped spacers and grids, and high performance IG unit combos. 

Oversized Glass: Tempered, Laminated & IG Unit Capabilities

Jumbo Sized Tempered Glass:

  • Maximum Sizes: 110” x 198”
  • Glass Thicknesses: ½”, 5/8” & ¾”
  • Operate 4 furnaces daily
  • Standard Lead-Times: 2-3 working days
  • 24 hr. service available


Oversized IG Units:

  • Maximum Sizes: 98” x 137”
  • Glass Thicknesses: ½” to 1 ½”
  • Equipped with 2 robot IG lines
  • Generate 1,200 units per 8 hr. shift
  • Render combos, offset units & more!

Mega Sized Laminated Glass:

  • Maximum Sizes: 96” x 155”
  • Glass Thicknesses: ¼” to 3”
  • Infinite make-ups
  • Glass Types: Annealed, tinted, mirrored & more
  • Interlayers: SentryGlas®, sound control, colors & more


Glass Cutting Line:

  • Includes 4 machines!
  • Automated overhead crane & transporting system
  • Loading tilt & breakout tables
  • Precise Digitized Shapes: Standard & custom
  • Upload auto CAD files for faster processing

Oversized Glass. Tempered, Laminated & IG Units. Order With Us!

Make your oversized glass proposals count! Count on PRL of the West Coast. Our jumbo sized tempered, laminated and IG units knock out the competition. Learn more!

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