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Textured Splash Glass Video. Beautiful Design for Beautiful Projects

Revel in the fine craftsmanship of PRL’s textured Splash glass. If specifiers and architects can rely on us, you can too. Featuring beautiful swirls in a splash-like pattern, this design makes for magnificent projects. Our textured Splash glass can be used in huge assortments of industrial, corporate and home applications. Suitable for interiors and exteriors, this textured glass is the ideal way to create privacy or add a decorative touch. Available in a wide array of sizes and 2 glass thicknesses, we can meet your contract needs. So, be sure your proposals make a good first impression. Order textured Splash glass from us!

We fabricate all textured Splash glass in our facility. Operating one of the largest tempering ovens, we can produce a vast mixture of standard and oversized panels. Implementing the highest standards and in-house quality control, we deliver the premium quality glass you’ve come to expect from us. Our textured Splash glass has several uses. Generated in ¼” and 3/8″ thicknesses, it fits into numerous windows, showers, entry doors and more. Versatile and practical, this patterned glass looks fantastic in handrails and guardrails, ornamental panels and restaurant partitions. And our textured Splash glass can even be used in laminated make-ups and IG units.

Textured Splash Glass. Just One of Many Styles!

In addition to our textured Splash glass, we also craft a sweeping selection of other textured glass styles. That’s right. Our Splash glass is just one of many- 14 to be exact! We offer everything from Bamboo, Delta Clear and Glue Chipped Rolled to acid etched and low iron acid etched designs. Manufactured in 1/8” to ½” thicknesses, and sizes up to 72” x 96”, we can render loads of textured glass to match your plans and budget. Furnishing an impressive range of patterns and motifs, it’s no wonder we’re the top supplier in Southern California. Get in on the benefits and deal direct with us!

Textured Splash Glass: Features, Applications & Textured Inventory

Splash Glass Features:

  • ¼” & 3/8” thicknesses
  • Wide variety of standard & oversized panels
  • Beautiful swirls in a splash-like pattern
  • Great for privacy and décor
  • Suitable for vast applications!


Textured Glass Info:

  • Available Thicknesses:
  • 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8” & ½”
  • Available Sizes:
  • 48” x 48”
  • 48” x 84”
  • 52” x 84”
  • 60” x 84”
  • 63” x 84”
  • 72” x 96”

Textured Glass Inventory:

  • Aquatex, Bamboo & Bamboo Frost
  • Crossreed & Glue Chipped Rolled
  • Delta Clear, Delta Frost & P516
  • Acid Etched, Rain & Reeded
  • Water Flemish & Bubble


Splash Glass Applications:

  • IG units & laminated make-ups
  • Shower & entry doors
  • Handrails & guardrail panels
  • Glass fencing & gates
  • Office cubicles & restaurant partitions
  • Wall coverings & infill panels
  • Patio & conference tables
  • Lobby countertops & reception desks
  • Shower & bath partitions

Textured Splash Glass. Make Your Projects Count

Shop at PRL and make your projects count. Order textured Splash glass! A beautiful design for beautiful proposals, you can’t go wrong with us. Check out all we have to offer!

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