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Tiffany All-Glass Sliding Doors Video. Interior Entrance Space Savers

Cramped quarters? Get Tiffany all-glass sliding doors at PRL. They’re the perfect solution to save space. Great for several interior applications, our units eliminate the hassle of accommodating traditional swing accessways. Using only 2 small suspension points and rollers, these doors glide smoothly along their top hung tracks. And rendered with frameless hanging glass panels, the Tiffany creates an illusion of spaciousness with its boundless views. Whether your project’s a mall storefront, home office or conference room entry, our all-glass sliders fit the bill.

We generate Tiffany all-glass sliding doors in our facility. Sold as top-hung or lateral surface mount systems, they fit both standard and narrow width entrances. Petite and slender, our heavy-duty tracks are ideal for limited head space passageways. The Tiffany is available with single, double or bypass doors. Single or double sidelites can also be added to meet your specifications. Delivered in many configurations, installation, roller and track options, our all-glass sliders can’t be beat. And we also furnish numerous finishes, locks, handles and glass types for these frameless units.

Tiffany All-Glass Sliding Doors. Showcase Interiors with Sweeping Transparency!

Tiffany All-Glass Sliding Doors. Entries With Adaptable Tracks & Installations

Tiffany all-glass sliding doors are offered in 2 standard track profiles. Single tracks for ingress ways with single or door pairs only; and tracks with reglets to glaze sidelites into your entries. We also supply custom tracks to surface mount the Tiffany directly to faces of walls. Made-to-order, these all-glass sliders can be installed with tracks full width of elevation for even head sightlines. Or single tracks can be used at door openings and sliding areas only, along with end caps for less of a metal look. There’s no doubt about it. Our frameless Tiffany sliders are adaptable for multiple entrances.

Tiffany All-Glass Sliding Doors: Configurations, Options, Finishes & More

All-Glass Slider Configurations:

  • Single, double & bypass doors
  • With or without single or double sidelites


Installation Options:

  • Wall or fascia mount
  • Full width of elevation for even head sightlines
  • Door openings & sliding areas only with endcaps


Tiffany Roller & Track Options:

  • Rollers: Round or square
  • 1 3/8” x 1 5/8” Track: Single & door pairs only
  • 2 3/8” x 1 5/8” Track: For wet glazed sidelites


Slider Track Finishes:

  • Matte black
  • Brushed & polished stainless steel
  • Custom anodized or powder coats

Tiffany Locks:

  • Lock patch fittings & center lock housings
  • Deadlatch locks & custom deadlock handles


Sliding Door Pull Handles:

  • Finger, standard, offset & C-pulls
  • Ladder & locking ladder pulls
  • Custom shaped pulls


Glass Types & Thicknesses:

  • Thicknesses: 3/8” & ½”
  • Monolithic & clear tempered
  • Mirrored & numerous tints
  • Unlimited spandrel colors
  • Textured patterns
  • Glue chipped borders
  • Custom sandblasted designs
  • And more!

Tiffany All-Glass Sliding Doors. Innovate Your Cramped Quarters! Buy at PRL!

Make your interior entrance count. Choose PRL’s Tiffany all-glass sliding doors. The solution for tight spaces, we’re your problem solver. Learn how!

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