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Aluminum Doors Video. Strength & Style for Exterior Entrances

Find a vast collection of aluminum doors at PRL! Great for storefronts, commercial entries and residential front doors, this product line can’t be beat. Delivering strength and style, our aluminum doors not only bring reassurance to exterior entrances, but the wow factor too.

We offer aluminum doors in narrow, medium, wide and oversized stiles. All manufactured in-house, our staff also renders custom entries with many impressive looks. Using intermediate vertical or horizontal muntins and grids, we fabricate doors with aluminum wave-cut designs, decorative squares, rectangles, octagons and more.

PRL’s Aluminum Doors. Exterior Entrance Doors You Can Be Sure of

Our aluminum entrance doors meet several specs and regulations. Made with 6063-T5 alloys, they include single weather stripping and can be ordered with optional ¼”, 3/8”, ½” or 1” glass stops. Available as single or double doors, all can accommodate extra tall entries and accept standard or specialty hardware. We furnish a huge selection of hardware in addition to wide assortments of finishes, handles and glass types.

These aluminum doors fit ¼” to 1” glass thicknesses. Built with heavy-duty extrusions, and 4-point reinforced welded corners, they grant superior durability and top performance in heavy traffic areas. To meet ADA regulations, our aluminum doors come standard with 10” bottom rails. We stock a variety of top and bottom rails for each stile, and customize high bottom rails to satisfy local building codes. 

Aluminum Doors: Available Stiles, Finishes, Hardware & More

Aluminum Entry Door Stiles:

  • Narrow 2” Vertical:
  • Available Top & Bottom Rails:
  • 2”, 3 ¼”, 5 1/8”, 10” & custom


Medium 3 ½” Vertical:

  • Available Top & Bottom Rails:
  • 3 ¼”, 5 1/8”, 10” & custom


Wide 5” Vertical:

  • Available Top & Bottom Rails:
  • 5 1/8”, 10” & custom



  • Shaped Pulls: Standard, offset & C-pulls
  • Ladder Pulls: Standard & locking ladder pulls
  • Emergency Egress: Panic devices & coordinating exterior handles

Oversized & Custom Doors:

  • Vertical stiles extruded per your dimensions
  • Top & bottom rails made to your specifications
  • Door heights & widths crafted per your plans


Aluminum Door Finishes:

  • Standard:
  • Clear & dark bronze anodized
  • Powder coats & Kynar paints



  • Cladded, stainless steel & brass


Entrance Door Hardware:

  • Mechanical lever locks
  • Electric strikes
  • Offset & center pivots
  • Butt hinges & more!

Glass Types:

  • Clear tempered
  • Laminated
  • Low E
  • Low iron
  • Insulated
  • Spandrel
    • Reflective
    • Tinted uncoated
    • Tempered reflective
    • Textured
    • Glue chipped
    • Sandblasted

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