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Complete Aluminum Doors Video. What Our Entrance Packages Include

Bid at PRL. See what our complete aluminum door packages include. For entrances, we’re truly your one-stop-shop.
Furnishing 3 standard vertical stiles, custom doors and huge collections of finishes, handles, hardware and glass types, there’s no reason to order anywhere else. And our aluminum department offers a wide range of services. Whether your ingress ways call for CNC fabrication, shop drawings or budget pricing, we do it all.

What’s included in our complete aluminum door packages? Everything you need. That’s right. Our entry packages come with your choice of vertical door stile, finish, hardware, handles, selected glass type- and all framing materials. Arriving ready to assemble with all components pre-installed, we make your job easy. Boasting a number of beneficial features, these aluminum systems will meet your specifications. Our doors are durable, satisfy ADA codes, accommodate extra tall entrances and more.

We manufacture all complete aluminum door packages in our facility. Doing so, we’re able to render countless stiles, customizations, framing extrusions and rails for entries. Available in standard and custom finishes, these doors blend beautifully with several décors. They’re offered in clear and dark bronze anodized, powder coats, Kynar paints and custom cladded, stainless steel or brass.

Complete Aluminum Ingress Door Systems. PRL Does What? Find Out!

Complete Aluminum Doors. Massive Package Options!

There’s multiple options for complete aluminum door packages. Generated in 3 vertical stiles, we stock top and bottom rails for each. Sold in 2” narrow, 3 ½” medium and 5” wide, our team also produces oversized stiles. Custom aluminum doors are made-to-order. With or without vertical or horizontal muntins and grids, these access ways are crafted to your required heights and widths.

We supply diverse handles, hardware and glass types for our aluminum entrance doors. You can purchase panic devices, matching exterior handles and various shaped or ladder pulls. For door hardware, we provide everything from offset and center pivots to overhead closers, electric strikes, deadlatch locks and more.

These aluminum doors accept vast glass types in ¼” to 1″ thicknesses. All fabricated ourselves, you can opt from clear tempered, laminated, insulated or low E just to name a few. We also create rich assortments of decorative glass for our entry systems. You can outfit your clients doorways with scopes of colors, textures, glue chipped borders or custom sandblasted motifs. 

Complete Aluminum Doors: Packages, Services, Features & Specs


  • Arrive ready to install
  • All framing, hardware & components pre-mounted
  • Include Your Choice Of:
  • Vertical door stile
  • Framing materials
  • Access door hardware
  • Handles and/or panic devices
  • Finish
  • Glass type



  • Meet ADA regulations
  • Top performance in heavy traffic areas
  • Accommodate extra tall passageways
  • Accept standard & specialty hardware
  • Sold as single or double entry doors
  • Optional glass stops offered


    • CAD design & layout
    • Shop & production drawings
    • CNC fabrication
    • Welding, finishing & machining done in-house
    • Design consultation
    • Budget pricing
    • Lead-time sequencing
    • Deliver locally, nationally & internationally
    • Fastest lead-times with our Urgency Program



    • Made with 6063-T5 alloys
    • Equipped with single weather stripping
    • Built with heavy-duty extrusions
    • Include 4-point reinforced welded corners
    • Ship with standard 10” bottom door rails
    • High bottom rail customization available

    Complete Aluminum Door Packages. Don’t Miss Out! Get Them at PRL!

    Shop PRL’s complete aluminum door packages. Supplying everything you need for commercial and residential entryways, we just add up to better. See what we can do for you!

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