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Aluminum Entrance Doors

Deal direct with PRL of Los Angeles County! Our aluminum entrance doors will meet your needs. Furnishing 4 door stiles rendered to your widths and heights, this product line is ideal for numerous passageways. Our aluminum doors are available as complete packages. Equipped with standard bottom rails that satisfy ADA regulations, and offered with a host of door hardware, these aluminum ingresses fulfill multiple project demands. So, do business with us today! Built with heavy duty extrusions, our aluminum entry doors are strong and durable. And you can get them in standard or custom finishes.
Aluminum Entrance Door Options

Top Performing Aluminum Entrance Doors for Heavy Traffic Areas

We manufacture all aluminum entrance doors in our facility. Made with 6063-T5 aluminum alloy, 4-point mechanical fasteners, reinforced welded corners, and heavy duty extrusions, they deliver top performance in heavy traffic areas. You can order our aluminum doors in 2″ narrow, 3 ½” medium, 5″ wide and oversized stiles. Sold as single or double doors, all come with single weather stripping and are generated per your specified widths and heights. And our aluminum entry doors even accommodate extra tall accessways. What else could you ask for?

You can quote our aluminum ingress doors with offset pivots, butt hinges or center pivot operations. To meet ADA regulations, these front entrances come standard with 10″ bottom rails. But, extruding all framing materials ourselves, we can customize most top and bottom rail sizes to fit your plans or local codes. Our aluminum passageway doors can be requested with optional glass stops. Adjustable vertical stiles can also be supplied for door pairs. Standard aluminum door finishes include clear and dark bronze anodized, powder coats and Kynar paints. However, you can also get custom cladded finishes in stainless steel or brass for your entries.

Our aluminum entrance doors are offered as complete packages. Making your job easy, they arrive pre-glazed with all materials, and ready to install. Our packages include your preferred aluminum door stile, frame finish, glass panel type, all related hardware, pull handles and lock. And if your contract is an emergency evacuation system, you can select from 4 fashionable panic devices to create elegant aluminum fire exit doors. Just one more reason to shop with us!

4 Aluminum Entrance Door Stiles

You can purchase our aluminum entrance doors in the 4 stiles noted below. Each comes with standard 10″ bottom rails to meet ADA regulations. However, we also carry a variety of other rail sizes and produce all extrusions in-house. So, if our selection of door rails won’t fit your plans, you can quote custom components for your aluminum entry door conditions. Just send us your measurements and we’ll take care of the rest. Our team of experts will render all the framing materials your aluminum ingress doors need.

2″ Narrow Stile Aluminum Door:
An aluminum door with a 2″ vertical stile. This entry door is available with 2″, 3 ¼”, 5 1/8″ and 10″ top and bottom rails. Custom height top and bottom rails can also be ordered to suit your passageway requirements.

3 ½” Medium Stile Aluminum Door:
An aluminum door with a 3 ½” vertical stile. This ingress door is offered with 3 ¼”, 5 1/8″ and 10″ top and bottom rails. Custom height top and bottom rails can also be made to satisfy your entrance job proposals.

5″ Wide Stile Aluminum Door:
An aluminum door with a 5″ vertical stile. This entrance door is sold with 5 1/8″ and 10″ top and bottom rails. Custom height top and bottom rails can also be manufactured to meet your front accessway stipulations.

Oversized Aluminum Door Stile:
An oversized aluminum door with stiles extruded per your exact specifications. Custom top and bottom rails are also generated per your dimensions. Some limitations may apply. Consult with us.

Aluminum Entry Door Stiles

Aluminum Entrance Doors: Features, Complete Packages, Stiles & Finishes

Aluminum Entry Door Features:

  • Made with 6063-T5 aluminum alloy
  • 4-point mechanical fasteners & welded corners
  • Single weather stripping
  • Door rails satisfy ADA regulations
  • Accept ¼” to 1″ glass thicknesses
  • Optional glass stops: 3/16″, ¼”, 3/8″, & 1″


Aluminum Door Stiles:

  • 2″ narrow vertical stile
  • 3 ½” medium vertical stile
  • 5″ wide vertical stile
  • Oversized stile

Complete Aluminum Door Packages Include:

  • Aluminum door stile
  • Aluminum frame finish
  • Glass panel type
  • Pull handles
  • Door lock
  • Optional panic device


Aluminum Frame Finishes:

  • Clear & dark bronze anodized
  • Powder coats & Kynar paints
  • Custom cladded stainless steel
  • Custom cladded brass

Aluminum Entrance Doors. Get Strength & Durability at PRL!

Quote aluminum entry doors with us! Made with heavy-duty extrusions, they’ll stand up to whatever you can deliver.

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