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Low E Glass Video. 6 Trusted High Performance Hard & Soft Coats

Looking for low E glass with high performance you can rely on? Buy at PRL of Southern California! We stock 6 brands of hard and soft coats from manufacturers you trust. Extending a number of beneficial features, we deliver solar control products from Guardian, Vitro® and Pilkington. The best low E glass on the market, these hard and soft coats improve energy efficiency and grant top notch thermal performance. This glass line decreases the amount of heat transmitted into a building without compromising the amount of light. So, your heating and cooling costs are reduced.

We fabricate all low E glass in our facility. Rendered in a wide array of sizes and thicknesses, these hard and soft coats can be used for several exterior applications. Great for businesses or homes, our high performance products will meet energy needs for windows, curtain walls, storefronts, entry doors and more. And we generate low E glass with the fastest lead-times in the industry! Operating a total of 4 tempering ovens daily, 2 specialize in soft coats. So these furnaces allow us to produce solar control materials lighting fast. This means you can even get your low E glass with next day service!

PRL’s Low E Glass Hard & Soft Coats

Low E Glass: Features, Hard & Soft Coats, Sizes & More


  • Meets or exceeds building energy codes
  • Improves heating & cooling costs
  • Can be used with IG units
  • Low to medium reflectivity
  • Low solar heat gain coefficients
  • Highest visible light transmission



  • Minimum Sizes: 84” x 184”
  • Maximum Sizes: 110” x 198”
  • Maximum Sizes: 110” x 198”


  • Low E Hard Coats:
  • Sungate® by Vitro®
  • Energy Advantage™ by Pilkington
  • Low E Soft Coats:
  • SunGuard®, Super Neutral® & ClimaGuard® by Guardian
  • Solarban® by Vitro®



  • 1/8”
  • 3/16”
  • ¼”

Low E Glass. Order The Best Hard & Soft Coats at PRL!

Shop low E glass at PRL! You can’t go wrong with us. We carry the most popular hard and soft coats on the market. Find out more!

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