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Need a Certified MBE Vendor? Learn Why You Should Team with PRL!

Need a certified MBE vendor? Read this article and see why you should team with PRL. Always placing our customers first, we answer your questions to help you discover the benefits. You’ll find out what kind of jobs and tax incentives you can get as well as who gains from working with a Minority Owned vendor. And offering a vast catalog of glass and aluminum products, we supply everything for your commercial MBE projects. Call us now to learn more! 800-433-7044.

PRL’s an MBE Supplier! Seize the Benefits & Partner with Us Today!

How Will Teaming with PRL Benefit My Company?

As a Certified MBE Vendor We Can:

  • Increase your chances of winning government jobs
  • Help you satisfy diversity & MBE spend requirements
  • Qualify your business to bid on state and federal contracts
  • Entitle you to a variety of tax breaks


Which Kind of Jobs Could I Get?

  • Any job that requires a Minority Owned supplier
  • Large state & federal proposals
  • Publicly awarded construction & transportation contracts
  • Government buildings, schools, transit facilities & more!


What MBE Tax Breaks Would I Be Entitled To?

  • Reduced federal & state tax liabilities
  • Numerous tax credits, rebates & incentives

Who Benefits from Working with Minority Owned Vendors?

  • Any business bidding on government jobs
  • Contractors, subcontractors & large corporations


Can I Find You in Any Certified MBE Supplier Databases?

  • SCMSDC Database
  • NMSDC Database


How Many Products Do You Offer for Commercial Jobs?

Partner with PRL Glass & Aluminum! MBE certified since 2017, we can help you get loads of benefits. See how easy it is!


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