Complete 2012 Architectural Glass and Metal Handrail Catalog

2012 Complete Architectural Glass and Metal Hand Railing Catalog
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Complete 2012 Architectural Glass and Metal Handrail Catalog

PRL is honored to present its new 2012 Glass Guardrails/Handrail Systems Catalog. Our innovative handrail systems are built to lead the way in the glazing industry. We offer complete manufactured architectural handrail systems as well as loose components (top cap, bottom base, glass, etc). PRL manufactures its own top cap and bottom rails all in house. Try our Rapid mechanical bottom base shoe and experience its quickness to install (labor & money saver)!!

We are a very unique company in that we fabricate both Architectural Glass and Architectural Metal products all in our facilities. This makes PRL one of a few companies capable of producing complete Architectural Glass and Metal Handrail Systems. This single source advantage gives our customers an edge, providing convenience, quality control and the fastest production time in the industry.

Our mission is to simplify your purchasing of Complete Systems, Simply supply us your specifications and let us take care of the rest Toll Free 800-433-7044.

Complete 2012 Architectural Glass and Metal Handrail Systems Manufacturers Catalog