Aluminum Extrusions - 2350 US Ton Extrusion Press

Aluminum Extrusions using our 2350 US Ton Extrusion Press
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Aluminum Extrusions

PRL has always been a strong believer in customer service, and to that end producing more items in-house provides better control of delivery times. In saying this PRL Aluminum continues to move forward in producing our own Aluminum Extrusions using our 2350 US Ton Extrusion Press.

Our Aluminum Extrusion Department is well appointed with experienced office and production staff to provide our customers with high quality product while keeping the costs low. Using modern automated equipment, we operate with lower staffing levels while still maintain fast lead-times. Computerized automated systems help us optimize our raw material to reduce scrap and then pass the savings on to our customers.

PRL specializes in producing extrusions using 6000 series alloys including 6005, 6063, 6061 and 6063. Our extrusions capabilities include extrusions up to an 8" Circumscribing Diameter; depending on the profile of the shape we can accommodate larger sizes. Please consult your PRL sales representative for specifics, as we are capable of producing lengths of up to 50' in length, though generally we produce 24' or less.

When it comes to finishing, we offer anodizing, paint and powder coating. Anodizing is offered in Clear, Bronze and Black. Other colors may be available on request. Bright-Dip finish is also available. We also offer painted finishes using Polyester and Kynar and Powder Coating using acrylics, urethane and polyesters.


PRL's expertise and state of the art Aluminum Extrusions machines facilitate PRL to produce custom metal mounting brackets, mechanical attachments and custom components