Glass Stacking Wall System

Glass Stacking Wall System - Clearvision
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Glass Stacking Wall System

Prl Clearvision Glass Stacking Movable Wall System is the perfect solution were total vision is required or the fronts needs to be open completely.

Parking and stacking system options:

Our stacking system will offer you perfect parking every time. Project structures or unusual layouts often require special solutions, particularly in the design of the stacking area. PRL Clearvision Movable Glass Stacking Wall systems can be parked in a range of different positions. The glass panels can be stacked parallel, perpendicular or at angles to the frontage, be readily visible for effect or hidden behind columns. Another possibility is that of parking the system in line but out of the way, behind a wall or in a specially designed closet space. The panels can also perform certain functions when the frontage is open, such as serving as part of an internal store window or showcase, and can be provided with company logos etched on the glass, adding artistic value to a wall.

Sliding partitions with profiles:

By providing the large glazed areas with distinctively shaped fittings top and bottom, harmony is given to the overall appearance of an entry. Pivoting panels and concealed closer hardware can be integrated to the system for the ultimate in function and aesthetics.

Clearvision movable stacking glass wall system form a frameless, continuous, transparent wall. Features:

  • Suitable for both inline and curved system configurations.
  • Snap-on covers that are interchangeable in the field.
  • Narrow style rail.
  • Rails available for 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" (10, 12, 16, and 19 mm) tempered glass.
  • No floor track required.
  • Convertible sliding panel can be easily transformed into swing door.

Panel Limits:

  • Max Height - 120" (3000 mm)
  • Max Weight - 300 lb (136 kg)
  • Min Width - 24" (600 mm)
  • Max Width - 42" (1060 mm)


The Stacking Movable Glass Wall System is the perfect solution were total vision is required or the fronts needs to be open completely.