Panic Door Device Introduction for Architects

Panic Door Device, Door Handle and Hardware for Architects
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PRL Panic Devices. Strength & Sophistication for Emergency Exit Doors

For Panic Hardware with strength and style, PRL Glass & Aluminum Emergency Exit Doors are the Industry leader! We offer traditional round tube panic devices as well as square tube options, providing the best of form and function for heavy entrance doors up to 120″ tall. UL certified and tested to 2.0 million cycles, our Read More...

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Complete Panic Door Device Introduction for Architects

"The PRL Panic device and hardware offer a solution for creating Architectural beauty as well as Building Safety and Security. When the goal of an architect is to achieve the most unobstructed "all glass" appearance and still provide for unhindered exit from a building that can be safely secured from the exterior, the PRL PL100 panic device is the answer. It accomplishes all three functions in one door handle device."

"The PL100 is a sleek 1-1/4" diameter tube that looks like a handle but is actually a very intricately designed piece of hardware. The panic door handle device is an L-shaped tube that is mounted on the inside of an all glass door and functions as a panic device, allowing for free egress from the interior of a building at all times of the day or night. The tubular panic door handle can be locked from the exterior of the door with a keyed cylinder for security at night while at the same time allowing for unhindered exit from the interior of the building."

"The PL100 panic handle functions by depressing the interior handle, which operates on a swivel. The door handle activates a spring action and as the handle is pressed it retracts a latch bolt at the top of the handle, releasing the latch at the door header. During the day the latch hardware can be dogged down to keep the door from latching so that the panic device becomes simply a push/pull handle. Persons entering the building from the exterior simply pull on the exterior door pull handle and persons exiting the building simply push the interior "handle". When the building needs to be secured, the dogging device hardware can be released and the interior handle now functions as a panic device. If the building needs to be secured constantly, the latch bolt can remain active at all times."

The exterior handle is also a 1-1/4 diameter tube and is available in many configurations. The most common configurations are a simple horizontal pull handle located at the standard 42" height or an exterior pull handles that mirrors the "L" shape of the interior panic handle device. The other popular option is to use a full-length straight handle that is attached to the top of the door and runs to the bottom of the door. Or it can be made to stop 10" above the bottom to comply with ADA codes. The panic device can be designed to run down the door and latch at the floor but this design is not as common. This design is the PL110 Panic Device. Because this design does not comply with ADA codes it is less commonly specified. PRL is always open to custom applications so exterior pull handle options, hardware lengths or configurations can be custom designed. Please contact our Door Design Department @ 877-775-2586 for more information.


PRL Panic device offers a solution for creating Architectural beauty as well as Building Safety and Security


"Always looking to be the Industry Innovator, PRL has also come up with a Square Tube design, the PL100S, as well as a Mitered Corner design, the PL100M or PL100SM."

"Another outstanding feature of this unique panic hardware device is that full-length door rails are not required for securing the PL100 handle device to the door. It can be used on doors with top and bottom patch fittings only. It can be secured to the glass with a minimal mounting plate when a continuous top door rail is not desired. It can also be used on 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" thick glass doors. Although the PL100 is usually used on All-Glass doors they can be adapted to use on PRL Full Framed Metal Doors as well."

"Architects will be pleased to know that All Glass Entrances that are designed as Total Vision Systems, constructed without full headers or metal jambs can still use PL100 panic device hardware. PRL supplies custom floating headers that are secured to the fixed glass panels adjacent to the door without using metal jambs. The floating headers are custom designed to accommodate the panic strike plates. Even when Electric Strikes are required on complete frameless systems, they can be incorporated into the Entry System with the floating headers. Several sizes and designs of floating headers are available. Please consult our web site or contact our customer service hardware design department @ 877-775-2586 for more details."

"Our hardware is available in Stainless Steel in polished and brushed finishes (US32 and US32D) as well as Brass in polished, brushed or oil-rubbed finishes (US3, US4 and US10B). Brass finishes have some unique maintenance conditions that need to be addressed, so Architects and Specifiers should be sure to consult with PRL's Door Design Department for maintenance information."

"When the Architect desires to incorporate electrically activated hardware into the design of an entrance the PRL Panic device is fully adaptable to electrical release hardware. The PL100 can be specified operate in conjunction with a Foldger-Adams 310-1 Electric Strike in the header. This allows the building to be secured electrically from the exterior so that anyone entering the building from the exterior must either use a card reader or be "buzzed in" from a button at the lobby reception desk. Standard electrical accessory hardware can be used. Typically, the Electrical Contractor will be involved in supplying accessory hardware and PRL will supply the FA 310-1 Electric Strike installed in the door header."

"Because the PL100 Device is a life-safety device our chief concern is to assure safe exit from a building. The PL100 has been full tested to comply with all Cycle, Stress and Load testing in accordance with ANS, ANSI, BHMA and UL requirements. Our panic hardware has been fully certified and approved to meet all testing requirements for Panic Hardware and all devices carry the UL label."

The PL100 is the best solution for any entry using Glass Doors and requiring panic egress. It is the solution for achieving Beauty and Function. At PRL we have a reputation in the Glass Industry for being the "fastest supplier in the Industry"!! When it comes to our PL100 panic hardware this is no exception!!

"Please feel free to contact our customer service department for any technical design assistance regarding doors, hardware and custom entrance systems or visit our door handle device and hardware specification page."