Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass designs add elegance and beauty to the home or office.
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sandblasted glass
PRL’s Sandblasted Glass Designs. Limitless Possibilities. Limitless Creativity.

Find the perfect sandblasted glass design to complement your next project at PRL. Offering endless patterns, borders, logos and custom graphics, we can render limitless themes for a host of commercial and residential applications. Producing everything from one-dimensional to striking three-dimensional effects, our sandblasted glass can meet numerous architectural designs. At PRL, fabricating custom glass Read More...

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PRL Offers the Finest Sandblasted / Etched Glass Options

Our master craftsmen convert ordinary glass products into exquisite "Works of Art Captured in Glass", of unlimited design styles. Sandblasted Glass, Frosted etched glass and 3D sculpture carved creations are produced for residential and commercial glass products such as frameless all glass doors and entry systems, dimensional & 3D Carved door glass inserts surface etched / frosted glass door, entry and interior window glass, frameless shower enclosures, tables, floating bar tops, vanity tops, curtain walls, ceilings, sculptures, mirrors, gate glass and more. Using Diamond Seal will eliminate harsh cleaning methods and staining.

Sandblasted designs on glass add elegance and beauty to the home or office. Sandblasted patterns can be carved or flat etched using custom designed or standard patterns.

The first, most basic and least expensive method is called a SOLID ETCH/FROST. This technique produces a full opaque effect. It is a single-stage sandblasted option. When we use the term "etched", we really mean "surface etched", where we have sandblasted only the surface. The etching does not go deep into the glass and creates a one-dimensional effect.

The second level of sandblasting is SURFACE ETCHING AND SHADING. This is a multi-stage sandblast effect where each and every segment of the design is individually removed and sandblasted, one piece at a time. This is not a solid etch, but areas are "shaded" so the etching will delicately and gradually fade back out to clear glass.

The third level is CARVED AND SHADED. The steps are similar to etching and shading, but the areas are sandblasted longer to create a 3-dimensional, sculpted effect. As with any other type of sculpting, it takes a gifted artist to achieve just the right depth at a consistent and correct level for the perfect result. The carved EDGES within the design image will actually appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light. The image will appear three dimensional, as if it is floating within the glass. All three processes can be done on tempered glass.

PRL sandblasted artwork enhances glass elegance with surface or deep carved custom design such as:

  • Surface Sandblast
  • Ornamental
  • Mythical
  • Artistic
  • Border Sandblast Designs
  • Logos
  • Oceanic
  • Nature
  • Custom Artwork & Sandblasted Designs


Many Sandblasted glass options to choose from, Surface Sandblast, Ornamental, Mythical, Artistic, Border Sandblast Designs, Logos, Oceanic, Nature, Custom Artwork & Designs


Simply supply us your sandblasted glass texture and design and let us take care of the rest Toll Free 800-433-7044.