Spandrel Glass - OPACI-COAT 300 from ICD

Spandrel Glass - OPACI-COAT 300 from ICD
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Spandrel Glass - OPACI-COAT 300 from ICD

We at PRL Glass Systems are always improving our product lines to offer you the best and most up to date innovations in the glass industry including Spandrel Glass. Thanks to the advanced technologies of today and the known affinity of silicone to glass there is now an economic, water-based elastomeric coating that provides the optimum in glass opacification - OPACI-COAT-300®

Possible On Any Glass

This spandrel process allows the choice of any type of flat, bent or block glass. Since OPACI-COAT-300® is applied without heat at the final stage of the glass spandrel fabrication process it can be used with equal effectiveness on annealed, heat-strengthened, fully tempered, clear or high performance reflective products. Tinted or reflective glass colors can be harmonized or matched to eliminate any "banding" effect even on high visible transmission glass.

Opaci-coat 300 is a water base silicone rolled coated glass coating product that is supplied as flowable, thixotropic emulsion. Upon evaporation of water, the applied coating will cure to a tack-free silicone elastomeric film which provides opacification in any color to glass and related construction materials.

For your convenience, we also offer free color matching on virtually any color. We can also use your color sample as a reference to achieve your ideal color. OPACI-COAT-300® gives us unlimited colors your coated glass may be specified in most any color found on a color chip, no matter how bright or vivid. An average project can become an architectural masterpiece

PRL Glass has the fastest lead times in the industry.

Standard color lead time is approximately 2-3 working days.

Custom color lead time is approximately 2-weeks.

The lead-times are just an estimate only (consult one of our sales representatives for accurate lead time)



Caution: silicone rubber material.

  • Use only compatible neutral silicone sealants such as Dow Corning #795,#895 or #995
  • Do not use acid-based sealants
  • Do not field attach insulation
  • Do not use mirror mastic, double faced tapes or Neoprene setting
  • Do not use hydro-carbon solvents
  • Gaskets, insulating material and setting blocks must be compatible
  • Structural glazing must be approved
  • Not recommended for use in vision areas
  • For proper viewing methods (ref:ASTM C1048)


PRL's spandrel glass is the OPACI-COAT 300 from ICD, which is a silicone colored coating that is applied to the glass